QR Codes for Personal Use

QR Codes are perfect for events and everyday use

Coordinate your own events and keep track of information in your daily life.

We help power direct connections for the world's leading brands

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Instant RSVPs

Want to send paper invites but don’t trust your guests to return them in time? Good news! QR codes on invites  allow for a rapid RSVP.

Turn your home into a smart home

Always forget to order more paper towels? You won’t forget with a QR code that sends you to an order page right in your kitchen.

Elevate your resume

Drive people to your website, portfolio, or other digital destinations with a QR code on your resume.

How individuals use QR codes daily

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  • Protect your pets

    QR codes on collars ensure your lost pets will always be found.

  • Hello, instant WIFI

    QR codes can be placed around your home for rapid connection to WIFI. 

  • Travel made secure

    Lost luggage can always be found with a QR code that sends scanners to your contact information.

Want to try Flowcode Pro for free?

Access enhanced analytics, custom designed codes, and so much more.

Your first month is on us.

A powerful suite of tools at your fingertips.

  • Unlimited Flowcodes

    Create and update an unlimited number of QR codes anytime. 

  •  Custom Designed Code

    Receive a custom Flowcode, created by our in-house designers to match your brand. 

  • Advanced Analytics

    Enhanced analytics to let you see scans by date, day of week, time, and device. 

  • Smart Rules

    Use one Flowcode to send customers anywhere you want, anytime you want. 

  • Bulk Code Creation

    Save time and create up to 50 Flowcodes at ones, all with different scan destinations. 

  • More Flowpages

    Pro members can create 10 Flowpages, our customizable link sharing pages. 


A QR code, or “Quick Response code,” is a type of barcode that stores information as a series of pixels that can be read by a mobile device. QR codes allow you to connect your audience to a digital destination through their smartphones.

QR codes let you connect with your audience through their mobile phones. Your QR code can promote your website, send viewers to a promotion, showcase a video, document, menu, or any other digital experience.

QR codes have become a popular tool for marketers because of the versatility they offer. You can set a QR code to scan to almost any digital experience including:

  • A website
  • Customer contact collection
  • A menu or order form
  • A PDF
  • A video, audio track, or blog
  • Access Wi-Fi by storing encryption details such as network ID and password
  • Sending and receiving payment information

Most QR codes are free, but they can only receive a limited number of scans and their URLs cannot be updated after the fact. With Flowcode, your first 10 QR codes are free, last forever, and can be updated anytime.

All newly released smartphones have built-in QR readers so there’s no longer a need to download a QR reader app. Simply open your smartphone’s camera, point it at the code, tap the dropdown banner, and you’ll be taken to the QR code’s scan destination.

Yes! Flowcode Pro offers advanced analytics that lets you see scans by time of day, date, day of week, and device type. Check out Flowcode Pro's other great features.

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