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Aisling Holt

Hello, I’m Aisling! I’ve been working as a boxing instructor for over 9 years now, but my passion for coaching started a long time ago. I started boxing for the physical and mental challenge, but fought against the “do as you’re told” approach. I wanted to understand the sweet science, and so I broke down the elements in my head to make pieces of a puzzle. Now I teach others those pieces, including the physical training, the science, and the mental angles. My amateur boxing career includes about 50 fights, 4 Chicago Golden Glove Championships and 1 North Carolina Golden Gloves Championship, as well as numerous national tournaments. My many fitness certifications are listed and explained on my website. In addition to this goal, I want to provide a welcoming and positive space for women. Many male coaches helped me tremendously in my journey, but being a female in a male dominated sport did not come without it’s challenges. I strive to make a place for women inside and outside the ring, in all aspects of boxing.