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My name is Derek Johnson aka D-Rock and I am a Christian HipHop artist out of Macomb, Illinois.More than just the music though is the heart and the ministry behind it! For me to explain that I think it’s only right to explain a little about who I am and why I do this.  I grew up in Palm Bay, Florida where I found myself caught up in the street life which led to gangs, drugs, and a few years locked up in prisons and institutions. I was told that I would be a career criminal and nothing more. I had no hope, saw no future and had basically given up on life. In 2015 I had an encounter with Christ that changed my life forever! Since then I’ve been married to my beautiful wife of 5 years, gained custody of all of our children, bought our first home and had the pleasure of serving in youth ministry for 3 and a half years! Needless to say The Lord has blessed my family more than we could have ever imagined! In 2018 I started creating Christian Hip Hop music and using my God given gifts to reach out to those who are just like I was (lost, broken and searching for a purpose).I have been able to travel across the Midwest sharing my testimony through music in various bars, clubs, rehab facilities and churches! I feel like God has called me into the deep to reach those that others can’t.

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