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Hello, welcome to my Flowpage! I'm a Brazilian Artist and Music Producer focused on Soundtracks production. In few words I REALLY LOVE TO MAKE BEAUTIFUL SONGS! If you want to know a little about myself, keep reading this short release. I have my Italian origins, with relatives born in Tuscany region (Italy). But, I was born and lived until 15 years old in a small city called Tatui, and later I started living near to Sao Paulo-Brazil. I began studying music when I was 8 years old with some teachers from a famous Conservatory in my hometown, where I've done classes about some instruments, such as Flutes, Clarinets and Pianos. With 11 years old, I've chosen to become a drummer and percussionist, concentrating all my efforts on drums. After completing the high school, I've decided to join the "Centro Paula Souza - FATEC" university for the Phonographic Production course in Tatui-SP city (Brazil). I've played for 10 years with party bands, weddings, rock & metal bands, electronic music and pop music, traveling throughout Brazil and surroundings, playing and promoting art. Nowadays, I'm working and living in China and still working with music production.