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Hi I Am SMARTBOYYYY and welcome to https://flow.page/smartboyyyy| I Am A Gamer By Day, Rapper By Night And A Game Dev On The Weekends This Page Was Created Back In 2011, Sooo That is Why There Are Social Links For Probs Discontinued Platforms Most Notable Miiverse And Vine Mexican ADHD Leo Deist I Am My Own Political View, I Do Not Have A Specific Political View Straight LGBTQ+ Supporter #BLMSUPPORTER #AAPIsupporter #UkraineSupporter Favorite Tv Shows: Bee And Puppycat Bravest Warriors Family Guy South Park Eddsworld C&H Shorts Breaking Bad Squid Game Favorite Video Games: BIT.TRIP (All Games) Fuze Player Blockstarplanet/Moviestarplanet Fortnite Fluidity Gnomz 2 fast 4 Gnomz (Gnomz 2) Aya And The Cubes Of Light Favorite Youtubers: Meeeee Favorite Music Artists: Meeee Favorite Movie: Morbius Avengers: End Game Tenet Favorite Music Genre: HipHop/Rap Brass (EDM) Phonk My Favorite Books/Comics: Down To Earth Favorite Ice Cream: Chocolate Vanilla Birthday Cake Mint Chip Favorite Sodas: MTN Dew Dr. Pepper MUG Root Beer I Love Lemonade And Arizona Watermelon/Mango Juice Favorite Resturant: Jack In The Box Sonic Checker Rallys Hardees Carls JR In-N-Out Burger I Love Coffee I Love Sweet Tea I Love Sushi


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