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Tay dutchie (aka laquan) is a young rapper from Norfolk ,Virginia He's on the rise in the dmv Coming from a place where he got no love at And willing to work on music ,cos music is his Escape and get away from all the fuckery that's happening within the city He first started making music When his order cousin (stunna mcgavin) who is also took part of his music career Introduce him to music "tay dutchie" was only about 8 years old when he tried too record his first sound track with his big cousin He also created his own lil rap group back in 2014 called "GmeDbR" along with "TrayMoney Squad" which his very close friend "Tray" aka tray money made From there the two grew a bound and decided to make music with each other dropping mixtaps after mixtapes They would sit in the house and record over 100 songs then pick them out Too drop a mixtape or album It was almost like that was there only Focus