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Vanny Goodfella (born May 25, 1975) is a self-taught Author, Clothing Designer, Director, Graphic Designer, Journalist, Photographer, Producer, Publisher & Webmaster. Vanny Goodfella is an underground artist that doesn't care about gaining mainstream exposure because he is dedicated to his underground fan base who truly appreciates his natural-born God-given talent. Vanny Goodfella is experimenting with different sounds to make different beats for underground music artists to rap too. Born in Newark, New Jersey & raised in different cities in New Jersey or the east coast, Vanny Goodfella was first known as a street mixtape DJ who sold underground cd mixtapes on the black market. His intent was to become an underground legend who made publications, websites & music that wasn't considered mainstream. App Developer Author Blogger Clothing Designer Director Graphic Designer Journalist Music Artist Photographer Producer Publisher Song Writer Webmaster

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