“The St. Jude® Organization has always been an incredible force in the battle against childhood cancer. It’s time for Flowcode to step it up and join the fight. I’m challenging our Flowcode employees and well as you, our loyal community, to participate in raising awareness and donations for St. Jude® to continue their critical research and save lives. Thank you for your support!”
Tim Armstrong
Founder and CEO of Flowcode

How can I support St. Jude®?

Step 1: Download the custom
St. Jude® Flowcode QR code

Download the static QR code that takes people to the St. Jude® donation landing page.

Step 2: Print and place your code in the world!

Print the custom St Jude® code and post it in your office, business, or around your town.

Step 3: Share and donate

Share the code with your community via social, in-person, and email. Encourage your friends, family and professional network to scan and donate.