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Congrats, you made a Flowcode.

Here are different ways you can save, share, and print your code.

Your Flowcode


Print your Flowcodes here! Printed QR codes are the perfect way to drive traffic to your website, grow your social accounts, and more.

Print your Flowcodes

Choose a product, and then select one of your existing codes or create a new one.

Get more scans in 3 easy steps



Choose what you’d like your Flowcode printed on



Create a Flowcode or use an existing design



Select quantity and proceed to checkout

Why you should print your Flowcode


Flowcodes last forever

'With unlimited scans, the Flowcode you print will never stop scanning.'


Grow your business

Bring more customers into your ecosystem, foster long term loyalty, and drive sales.

Ready to get started?

Get the most out of your Flowcode with our best practices

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