QR Codes for Independent Sellers

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The independent seller market is projected to rapidly grow in the coming years. As the market becomes more crowded, independent sellers can distinguish themselves by using QR codes to build relationships with their customers and drive traffic to their websites.

Build Customer Loyalty

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Generate Flowcodes to Grow Your Business

QR codes instantly connect customers to e-commerce experiences with a quick scan. Independent sellers can confidently choose Flowcode knowing its next-gen QR codes are a cut above the rest.

Reduce Marketing Costs with QR Analytics

Learn who your audience is and get more orders!

  • Engagement Metrics

    Real-time performance tracking to see how your audience is engaging with your content.

  • Media Tracking

    Match QR scans and link clicks to each creative. Then see all the data from your marketing channels in one place.

  • Conversion Data

    Optimize your customer journey with full funnel analytics. Track conversions, exits, and abandoned carts.

  • Custom Flowpages

    Mobile-first landing pages built to share all your content and links.

  • Marketing Pixels

    Reengage users who scanned or clicked your codes and pages. Easily retarget across digital platforms.

  • Contact Collection

    Build your audience with our CRM tools and create direct connection points.

Use Cases

Independent sellers can use QR codes to instantly send real-world buyers to their e-store with a quick scan.

  • Increase Sales

    Include QR codes on receipts and packaging that allow customers to effortlessly reorder their favorites, discover new products, and leave reviews.

  • Track Engagement

    Every time a customer scans a Flowcode valuable data is generated. Use our analytics tool to inform strategic decisions by tracking how customers interact with your products.

  • Boost Brand Visibility

    Include customized Flowcodes in your marketing materials to unify customers across channels. Interested customers can scan the Flowcode with their phones and instantly visit your website.

Flowcode wants to help you build your business

The Flowcode team wants to help independent sellers optimize their QR strategy. Want to learn more?


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  • Unlimited Flowcodes

    Create and update an unlimited number of QR codes anytime. 

  •  Custom Designed Code

    Receive a custom Flowcode, created by our in-house designers to match your brand. 

  • Advanced Analytics

    Enhanced analytics to let you see scans by date, day of week, time, and device. 

  • Smart Rules

    Use one Flowcode to send customers anywhere you want, anytime you want. 

  • Bulk Code Creation

    Save time and create up to 50 Flowcodes at ones, all with different scan destinations. 

  • More Flowpages

    Pro members can create 10 Flowpages, our customizable link sharing pages.