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Attract more buyers and sellers with next-generation tools built for realtors. Ready to sell more homes?

  • Unlimited Scans

    QR codes on your marketing collateral will never expire and have no scan limits.

  • Advanced Analytics

    Actionable insights of how prospective clients are engaging on your codes.

  • Flowpages

    Pro+ members can create 50 Flowpages, which are our customizable link-sharing pages. 

  • Stay on Brand

    Remove Flowcode white labeling from your Flowcodes and Flowpages.

  • Bulk Code Creation

    Save time and create up to 1000 Flowcodes at once, all with different scan destinations. 

  • CRM Integrations

    Utilize integrations like Zapier and Mailchimp to effectively manage and automate your CRM.

Top agencies use Flowcode

Get an artist designed Flowcode with Pro+

Have our in-house designers create an eye-grabbing, custom Flowcode for your real estate business.

QR code generator with custom codes
QR code generator for newsletters

Collect CRM data

Send your scanners to a contact collection form to get leads, organize open houses, build a newsletter and more. Easy integration with Hubspot and Zapier makes connections even faster.

Powerful analytics

Are your lawn signs and billboards resonating? Get insights on who is engaging on your marketing collateral and optimize accordingly.

QR code generator for real estate

Organize your listings

Flowpage is our all-in-one post scan destination where you can build an experience for your visitors. Bring together all of your listings in one place.

Why thousands of businesses choose Flowcode

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A QR code, or “Quick Response code,” is a type of barcode that stores information as a series of pixels that can be read by a mobile device. QR codes allow you to connect your audience to a digital destination through their smartphones.

QR codes let you connect with your audience through their mobile phones. Your QR code can promote your website, send viewers to a promotion, showcase a video, document, menu, or any other digital experience.

QR codes have become a popular tool for marketers because of the versatility they offer. You can set a QR code to scan to almost any digital experience including:

  • A website
  • Customer contact collection
  • A menu or order form
  • A PDF
  • A video, audio track, or blog
  • Access Wi-Fi by storing encryption details such as network ID and password
  • Sending and receiving payment information

You can make QR codes for free at Flowcode. Most QR codes online are free, but they can only receive a limited number of scans and their URLs cannot be updated after the fact. With Flowcode, your QR codes last forever and can be updated anytime.

All newly released smartphones have built-in QR readers so there’s no longer a need to download a QR reader app. Simply open your smartphone’s camera, point it at the code, tap the dropdown banner, and you’ll be taken to the QR code’s scan destination.

Yes! Flowcode Pro offers advanced analytics that lets you see scans by time of day, date, day of week, and device type. Check out Flowcode Pro's other great features.

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