Dynamic QR Code Generator for Restaurants

QR codes can do so much more than contactless menus. You can save printing costs, increase tips, get better reviews and so much more. Learn how Flowcode QR codes can increase profits and save you time below! 

QR That Never Expires

Cut Costs

Better Reviews

Enhance The Dining Experience with Flowcode

Not all QR codes are created equally. There’s a reason Flowcodes are used in restaurants around the world.

More Customers Less Costs With QR Codes

How to effectively use Flowcodes to enhance the customer experience.

QR data analytics

Optimize your ordering with data

Flowcode QR codes give you robust data and insights. Learn how you should be ordering and staffing to reduce waste.

Print Your QR Menus and Signage

Upgrade your QR displays with Flowcode's water-resistant and affordable designs. From table tents to coasters, we’ve got you covered.

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Connect with customers in the offline, get a custom designed code, own your data.

"Flowcode saves us time and money. They're a godsend. I just print my Flowcode's once, and I never have to think about it again or worry about re-printing. I just update my menus live from their site."

Elias Chocalas

General Manager, Hula Hut


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