Welcome to our after-school program! Empowered Scholars is designed to offer enriching activities that help students develop new skills, build confidence, and foster positive relationships with their peers and mentors. We dedicate to providing a safe and fun environment for students to learn and grow outside of their regular school day. At Empowered Scholars, we take great pride in merging the student's life during and after school by constantly communicating with teachers to ensure we can support the children during their time in Empowered Scholars to get them to excel in homework, reading, and behavior. Not only at school, but we also work very closely with the families to support them when the children go home with our licensed behavior counselors. So our participants get a full spectrum of support with their school, Empowered Scholars, and at home to ensure each child has an individual plan for success. Our team of experienced and caring educators and licensed behavior counselors work hard to create a supportive and inclusive atmosphere where every student feels valued and respected. We offer various activities, including homework help with our tutors, arts and crafts, sports, STEM projects, entrepreneur camps, scholarship opportunities, and various third parties to cater to our student's diverse interests and needs. At our after-school program, we believe that learning can be fun, and we strive to create engaging and interactive experiences that challenge our students and help them discover their potential. We also prioritize community involvement and encourage our students to give back through service projects and volunteer opportunities. We are committed to maintaining high standards of safety and security and provide a structured and supervised environment that parents can trust. Our program is open to students of all ages and backgrounds, and we welcome families from all walks of life to join our community. Thank you for considering our after-school program; we look forward to helping your school thrive!