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building the beloved community, an inclusive society based on justice, equal opportunity and love of fellow human beings, rooted in the theology of imago dei

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A. Iron Red Dresses in partnership with indigenous groups hosting events in May around missing & murdered indigenous women/people MMIW/MMIP B. Connect your org to help pay speaker honorariums & related expenses for MMIW/MMIP Bay Area events. C. Volunteer to engage IHC (Indian Health Center) members with voter registration.

Letter Writing : Incarcerated

Form to collect interest in joining River members in corresponding with those incarcerated


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Our Together We Vote Coalition believes that our communities are stronger and more just when all people get to participate in decision making and our democracy–especially people who are the most negatively impacted by our current structures and policies. Unfortunately, the most impacted people in our community–poor people, people of color, and immigrants–are either barred from voting entirely or have been disenfranchised to the point that they no longer vote. We want to change this!