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We all complain about our mail when will it be here? Has it arrived? We go to the mailbox God knows how many times and it's not there even though we know something is coming. Well, here's the answer and it's not complaining to the post office, that just falls on deaf ears. I have engineered a mailbox alert system,and very simply here is how it works. Any time the mailbox is opened the alarm rings in your home audibly or visually or both. Very simple installation. I mean simple. You take one part of the system and place it in your mailbox. The other part can be plugged into any electrical outlet in your home. (It's wireless You do not need wifi or Bluetooth or the internet. The signal from the wireless bell ranges over 500 feet.) Period. Easy peasy. Mailbox opened, you hear the alarm. Mailbox closed. Alarm off. Hum!!!!!!!!!! Pretty good. Wow! It is pretty good. Just think if the alarm goes off at 2 a.m. You then know someone other than the post office opened your mailbox. Now you may say I can sign up or I have USPS informed delivery. Ahhhhhhhh!!!!! Informed you think? Not really Informed Delivery® by USPS®.>>>>Digitally preview your mail<<<< and manage your packages scheduled to arrive soon! Read that. It does not tell you if your mail has been put in the box.It does however let you know about your packages, sometimes,if the mail person happens to scan them. You could buy something like this for 40 dollars from another country (but how about we keep it here). But I tell you right now, it will not work. #1. It has no range.The one I developed has a range of over 500 feet. #2. If you have a mailbox with bricks around it,forget about it, it doesn't work(no signal). So don't bother and don't waste your money and time. The mail box alarm will work through snow, rain,or sunshine. Weather proof and will operate between temperatures of -4F to 140F and uses only one A23 battery. The receiver can bepainted to match any decor. Now that you read this you want to know how much? 55 dollars. I have to build these from scratch. I am not a factory, so I cannot mass produce these. I make these on a first come first basis. Questions? I am glad to answer them. Just Pm me.