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Natalie M. Yurecka

HI! My name is Natalie Yurecka and I am a Norwex Independent Consultant! I love sharing how Norwex has helped my family live a crunchier life and here to help YOU! I started using Norwex about 2 years ago and I wish I had found about about them sooner! These products are safe for our children and pets! I have also saved so much money by using these reusable products while saving the environment. I have never liked cleaning but Norwex has made my life SO MUCH easier and SO MUCH SAFER for my family. Clean your house with H2O and you will not go back! A little about my life....I live in sunny Florida with my little family- My hubby, my 3 kiddos and my pug dog, Lily. They keep me busy and when I am not taking care of my family, I like to relax poolside, work out, and hang with friends!

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