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MR. DARK LYFE My names Roman aka ALKADA I’m born in far rock away queens ny my mom is born and raised In Spanish Harlem my mom is Puerto Rican and Cuban my dad is from Cuba I’m moved to Schenectady when I was young grew up and raised in mount pleasant age of 16 was incarcerated for a robbery charge I caught for being a follower and not a leader than I grew and learned a lot my time incarcerated from reading books to writing poetry time got close to me coming home and I just started putting a plan together and once I came home I started doing music about 2013 I started build me a group and all called team swagg we made Musi we did the party’s but it wasn’t what I wanted so I split went off and did my own thing rebuilt a studio again started another label called new lyfe entertainment that went good. For a lil than it wasn’t getting what it was suppose to do so I took a break for like a year started to get my mine right moved away with my wonderful wife Carrie to the Hudson fall area than fort Edward than finally white hall couple miles from Vermont than one day I moved back to Schenectady to rebuild my new empire I looked for an apartment for my wife and kid I started getting thing for my new studio and I went from there now i built me a new label new empire DAR LYFE MUZIK it took off started putting music out on SoundCloud and my music is being heard everywhere from Canada to California to Africa Argentina Vietnam Philadelphia etc... music from my album my lyfe bleeds muzik song like Jedi rolling ft gifted switch on me ft J.A.Y and yung herck can’t trust a soul ft yung warboi and HBK let’s make love a single on the album artist on album Glenn kelly Montana warboi jblood $T.lav and many other artist in my local area and worldwide I also join a group call worldwide collaboration where we promote and support all our local music from music to preforming dj’s promoters radio shows etc.. it’s a family and a way to build and network get ur music heard ur name with some exposure and a fan base from all sides of the world fans my rap name is alkada no I’m not a Muslim I just like it and how it sounds this music lyfe is what love from writing it to engineering it I live working with other artist not only does it help me network and build it helps me get noticed heard and people like to do collaboration and send beats things start to get better I love this music this life dark lyfe is a family not a label and an empire not a movement ty to all I appreciate all my fans and friends and family and my goals I have is to accomplish something with my music so far I’m doin so preformed on god in Albany in an event hosted by joe Cologne Ive also accomplished a book that will be published soon called the dark royalty boyz I’m about to accomplish being in three magazine articles so yes I’ve been working hard and being focused I would love to say thank u to my god savior my wife Carrie my kids friends and family for being here by my side as I build my family in this music lyfe ty and god bless peace and go catch my lyfe bleeds muzik on drooble can’t trust a soul is in the indie charts and rolling is in the hip hop charts as well as iTunes Spotify etc... Social media info: Instagram/ darklyfestudios Snapchat/darklyfestudios Facebook/Romeo alkada Drooble/ darklyfestudios iTunes Spotify google play etc