Track conversions with smarter QR codes

Flowcode® is an enterprise QR code platform that connects your offline fans to your online brand. Measure the ROI of your campaigns and capture first-party data essential for driving your business forward.

Trusted by 70% of the fortune 1000

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Your audience scans your Flowcode
BMW flowcode
  • Best in class custom design
  • Ultra-fast scanning
  • Dynamic redirect destination
  • Privacy compliance assured
They are directed to your Flowpage
BMW flowpage example
  • Mobile-first easy navigation
  • Organize all your links
  • Enables first party data capture
  • Customize with unique designs
Data & Analytics
You get full-funnel conversion data
Flowcode geolocation data
  • Daily connection count
  • Conversions and actions
  • Measure ROI of your campaigns
  • Enables first-party data capture

connect with fans and drive conversions

SKKN logo
Flowcode for CPG: Scan to Build Relationships

SKKN BY KIM leverages Flowcode to go direct to consumer and build deeper relationships with their audience.

Kim Kardashian QR code
Neiman Marcus Logo
Flowcode for Commerce: Scan to Unlock Exclusive Content

Shop BAZAAR collaborated with Neiman Marcus to create an elevated shoppable experience leveraging Flowcodes to scan to editorial videos and shoppable product pages.

Neiman Marcus
Fjall raven logo
Flowcode for Direct Mail: Scan to Claim a Discount

Fjällräven partnered with Flowcode to test and measure the effectiveness of an offer on a direct mail campaign in Denver, CO. They saw an increase in response rate and lift to in-store traffic.

QR codes direct mail
poap anthon logo
Flowcode for Events and Concerts: Scan to Claim an NFT

POAP partnered with Flowcode to distribute exclusive NFTs at Red Rocks, which introduced new users to the Crypto space and lowered the barrier to owning an NFT.

Red Rocks QR code

Use cases for every Industry

From sweepstakes to polls, top brands use Flowcode to connect with their audiences and measure engagement at scale.
Lebron James QR CodeRed Rocks QR codeTime Square QR codeSoFi Stadium QR codeSports QR codeReal estate QR codeMoonpay QR code NFTPortland Trailblazers QR code
Lebron James QR Code
Red Rocks QR code
Hockey QR code
SoFi Stadium QR code
Sports QR code
Power Play QR code
Moonpay QR code NFT
Portland Trailblazers QR code

Explore how different verticals use Flowcode

nba all star qr code on building
Flowcode Sports
Increase conversions through in-venue fan engagements
nike billboard
Flowcode Agency
Power omnichannel campaigns and immersive fan experiences
web 3 at cannes lions
Flowcode Web3
Transport anyone from the Earthverse to the Metaverse
Sofi Stadium QR Code
Design Events At-Scale
Power distribution in stadiums that drive ticket sales, app downloads, and more
Build interactive fan experiences, capture CRM and measure engagement
Know your Fans
Build interactive fan experiences, capture CRM and measure engagement
Google Pixel Flowcode
Create Instant Conversions
Access discounts and NFTs, buy exclusive merch, and optimize the fan experience
disney qr code on TV commercial
Actionable Lead Generation
Land new users via creative that captures consumer interest
Jennifer Lopez qr code activation on subway car in nyc
Measurable Media Mix
Transform any surface into a performance marketing channel
qr code in magazine with Oprah
Interactive Content Placements
Measure real-time engagement on offline creative
scan the qr code during the tv commercial
Make TV Shoppable
Increase sales, build brand loyalty, and grow customer acquisition
today show qr code displayed during tv show
Unlock Unique Content
Drive memberships, get early access, and discover behind the scenes moments
football qr code on tv
Measure Consumer Insights
Optimize ad spend, evaluate viewer engagement, and create attribution
poap nft flowcode activation
Gateway to the Metaverse
Mint NFTs, pay with Crypto, earn tokens, and experience the magic of Web3
moonpay flowcode activation
Decentralized Creator Economy
Empower creators with tools to share their NFT galleries, promote upcoming releases, and verify ownership
gary vee flowcode displayed at conference panel
Mass Blockchain Distribution
Claim POAPs on the spot, visualize NFT’s with AR, and optimize distribution locations
heaven on earth flowpage and flowcode
Generate DTC Commerce
Increase concession and ticket sales across activation, concerts, conferences, and more
us open flowcode
Drive Omnichannel Promotion
Activate marketing across OOH, digital, social, and print mediums
erewhon activation
Find your Superfans
Identify your brand advocates, build memorable experiences, and create direct connections
good man retail flowcode
Acquire New Customers
Stop traffic with custom window displays that create storytelling moments, promote event sign-ups, and giveaways
favorite daughter flowcode activation in mall
Stores Open 24/7
Shop after-hours, preview future launches, access discounts, and more
scan qr code for footwear size guide
Elevated Shopping Experience
Shop a look straight from the mannequin, view sizing guides, and get inspiration from styling video content
Real estate business card QR code
Built for Realtors
Generate leads, connect with buyers, and drive traffic to listings
Real estate lawn sign QR code
Automate Check-in
Create a seamless registration experience while capturing first-party data
real estate listing using QR code
Open House Ready
Highlight property features, schedule tours, and create instant connections
Frequently asked questions
Questions not answered?
What is a direct to consumer company?

Being a direct to consumer company means you can connect with your customers without any middlemen between you and your product. For example, using QR codes allow you to instantly connect the scanner to your online products, website, social profiles, or CRM collection tools.

What is the best QR code generator?

While there are multiple QR code generator platforms available, not all offer the same services and privacy protection. If you’re searching for a platform that provides enhanced customization features, real-time data, integrations, and GDPR and CCPA privacy protection, Flowcode is the best option for you.

Are QR codes a privacy risk?

Not all QR code generators have privacy in mind, so it’s very important for you to research the platform you build on. If privacy is one of your top priorities, the strongest company you can rely on is Flowcode. With GDPR and CCPA compliance and a privacy policy visible on every code produced, Flowcode is the #1 most trusted QR code solution.

What are Flowcode’s privacy policies?

Flowcode takes privacy seriously. When you scan a Flowcode, there is no question where that code was generated. All of our codes include the text “” or our company name, “Flowcode”, which should be considered a badge of safety. While other QR code platforms may not have privacy information on their codes, this can be considered a security risk. Because of phishing attempts and QR code scams on the rise, it’s important to work with companies like Flowcode who ensure every code you scan is a safe one.

What software integrations are offered by Flowcode?

If you’re searching for a QR code platform to integrate with tools you already use, Flowcode is the best tool for your business. From Klavyio and Mailchimp to Salesforce and Okta, some of the biggest CRM tools, ESPs, and business management solutions integrate with Flowcode.

What industries does Flowcode serve?

From Fortune 1000s to neighborhood coffee shops, Flowcode serves a wide range of businesses, creators, and companies of all sizes. Common industries where you’ll see Flowcodes are entertainment, event, sports, real estate, consumer packaged goods, design — but the list goes on. Virtually every industry can benefit from using Flowcode QR codes to connect with their audience. Afterall, we work with over 3 million creators.

I have a question about the plan I’m on — who should I contact?

With any questions about your plan, tech support, or onboarding, please email [email protected] and our team will be in touch. If you need quick help on how to build and manage your Flowcodes, please head to our blog.