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Break free from infinite scroll and find your Flow State

Who we are

We are engineering the world’s first offline operating system. Our team of developers, designers, data scientists and creators are building the shortcut to the Internet. Come help us do it.

Our mission and vision

Connect the real world and the digital world, instantly and magically.

Team Supreme

Our team is our #1 product. We look out for each other and optimize for team success over individual success. Our diversity is a consequence of excellence.

Empower Creators

Creators are our friends (and customers). We build, design, and innovate - we create for creators, so they can create magic for the world.

Be Scientific

We believe in data over opinions, testing over guessing, and results over hierarchy. We follow the scientific method: question, research, hypothesize, experiment, observe, conclude, communicate, run it back.

Prioritize Impact

We invent technology to add meaningful value to our consumers, creators, and connections. We attack big problems with scalable solutions.

Undertalk, Overexecute

GSD. We'll stop talking.

Flow Mode

You got this. Find your flow. Send it.

Our Benefits

Life at Flowcode

To keep you healthy

We have a range of insurance options - medical, vision, dental - to suit you and your family’s needs.

To keep you fed

We offer a Seamless lunch stipend for you wherever you work and team lunches in the office.

To keep you curious

We host all-team speaker series and master classes with special guests like Starbucks' Howard Schultz.

To keep you rested

Work hard and take vacation when you need it, 2 weeks mandatory.

To value your time

We have no internal meetings from 12-5PM, three days a week. Maximize the time you spend here and the time you spend everywhere else.

To keep family first

We understand that you have a life outside of work and we encourage our team to balance work and life. We also offer generous parental leave.

To keep you fresh

Swag. Really, really good swag.

Our Openings

Join us and find your flow.