Conversion Flows

Turn intent into action with Conversion Flows

Build a seamless brand experience for customers — pair our artist-designed QR codes with a mobile optimized landing page to increase conversion rates by 34% or more.

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Conversion Flows maximize your return on investment
Meet the comprehensive solution to connect your offline audience to your online brand.
Increased conversion rates

By creating a smooth, engaging path for users, Conversion Flows ensure higher conversion rates than traditional methods.

Personalized customer journeys

Tailor experiences to individual users, making interactions more relevant and engaging, driving loyalty and repeat business.

Seamless offline to online tracking

Capture offline interactions and link them to online actions, providing a complete view of the customer journey and improving attribution accuracy for each customer.

Comprehensive analytics

Gain deep insights into customer behavior with detailed full funnel analytics and geolocation tracking, enabling data-driven decisions and optimizing future campaigns.

Enhanced insights with FlowID

Access detailed customer behavior compared to your typical scan, and gain more comprehensive intent signals than your traditional metrics.

Flows built for your business

We offer pre-made and custom Conversion Flows from our in-house design studio made for eye-catching activations.
CRM Integration Flow
Real Estate Listings
Potential buyers scan a Flowcode on a property sign, directing them to a virtual tour or contact form.
CRM Integration Flow
Event Registration
Attendees scan a Flowcode on their ticket or event signage, taking them to a registration page or feedback form.
QR code drink
E-Commerce Flow
Shopify Integration
Out of home media ads link directly to product pages for quick purchases.
Engagement Flow
Surveys and Voting
Businesses collect valuable customer feedback and opinions in their store.
"Having the ability to create an extremely nimble digital environment for our agents is paramount to ensuring we are providing top level customer service. I never thought we could quickly create custom landing pages that are so dynamic in nature. Our agents are thrilled to have this technology! As their marketing director, I’ve never been more excited to produce such tailored content that directly speaks to our targeted demographic."
Jonathan DeBlanco
Marketing Director, Comparion Insurance Agency

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