Track customer engagement with FlowID

FlowID is our patented data identity tool that transforms customer engagement by capturing every offline touch point from initial interaction to conversion, tracking in depth audience behavior with first-party data and unlocking retargeting capabilities across platforms.

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Detailed customer engagement data

Data-driven decisions start now. Track customer interactions across all of your campaigns, and view detailed analytics for scans, page views, abandonments and conversions for each user.

Personalized customer journeys

Enhance your customer experience and conversion rates at scale by refining campaigns with personalized content based on audience insights, performance, products and more.

Enrich your current data with integrations

Seamlessly integrate FlowID with major CRM platforms like HubSpot, Salesforce and more to enrich customer profiles with detailed interaction data, unlocking new opportunities to personalize and segment across different parts of their journey.

How do I use FlowID?

FlowID has infinite applications across industries.
Real estate listings
FlowID helps real estate agents understand interest profiles for their warmest leads so they can personalize follow-up communications.
FlowID integrates with platforms like Shopify to track customer interactions from product discovery to purchase, helping optimize future online shopping experiences and drive sales.
Paid media
FlowID attributes and segments your most engaged audience in any media campaign, digital or print, to make understanding behavior and retargeting easy.
FlowID provides next level insights on your event attendees and re-engages them after based on their personalized audience preferences.

Safety while scanning

We ensure that every scan or interaction is safe by leveraging fraudulent scan detection to monitor and eliminate malicious content, ensuring your customers don't need to worry when interacting with your brand.

Our commitment to data privacy

We prioritize the privacy and security of your data by adhering to the most advanced security practices.
GDPR and CCPA compliance
Data collection and processing activities comply with the stringent requirements of GDPR and CCPA regulations.
First-party cookie tracking
First-party cookies provide accurate and reliable data tracking while adhering to privacy standards.
Secure data handling
Advanced security measures, including encryption and regular audits, protects data and prevents unauthorized access and ensure data integrity.
SSO multi-factor authentification
Login with one set of credentials, simplifying the authentication process and enhancing security.
SOC2 compliance
SOC2 compliance demonstrates our commitment to high standards of data security and operational controls.
Encryption, access controls, audit logs, employee training, compliance monitoring, and third-party assurance are in place to protect the privacy and security of protected health information.
"Flowcode has provided our business a platform that allows our teams to track the impact we are having in a multitude of spaces. From events to consults, the business is gathering insights into how we can best meet our customers and consumers where they are. The account management has been outstanding; I appreciate the proactive solutioning that is provided before we know we need it. I also appreciate the dynamic functionality of the codes, and the peace of mind knowing our data is safe."
Amber S. Jones
Merchandise & Operations Manager, Royal Canin North America

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