Integrate data into your favorite tools

Improve your existing technology stack when you integrate first-party data captured with Flowcode. Seamlessly automate data and insights to personalize journeys and understand performance in real-time.

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Integrate your products

Enrich your existing tech stack by connecting your first-party data.

Retarget with ease

Automate the first-party data from your offline channels directly into your CRM tools.

Retain new audiences

Integrate new audiences to automated SMS and email marketing to engage valuable customer segments across channels. 

Manage your pipeline

Instantly create personalized engagements with new sales leads through integrating customer data into automated flows.

Retarget with ease

Seamlessly retarget customers who have engaged with your QR assets via email drip campaigns.

Integrate your products

Connect your storefront to your offline channels and measure the ROI of your campaigns.

Connect your data

Sync your Flowcode data to your Snowflake warehouse using our data share technology.

Unify your customers

Export Flowcode contact data and engage with your customers across any channel.

Automate your data

Easily zap analytics from Flowcode into the your native data tools.

Supercharge your tech stack

Flowcode doesn't just integrate with your existing systems; it enhances them with deeper insights into customer behavior, access to real-time offline attribution and advanced segmentation allowing for more personalized marketing strategies.

Automate data operations and reporting

Automate data flow and reduce manual data entry with integrations, freeing up your team to focus on strategic initiatives.

Proven success integrating

Flowcode has a track record of successful integrations that have transformed data management and marketing strategies for leading enterprises.
CRM Integration
Real Estate
Integrate with CRM systems to streamline lead capture and follow-up for property listings and open houses​​.
E-commerce Integration
Connect with e-commerce platforms like Shopify to enhance customer journey tracking and boost conversion rates​​.
Analytics Integration
Media and Entertainment
Leverage advanced analytics integrations to measure engagement and optimize content strategies​​.
"Since implementing Flowcode, we have truly transformed the way we connect with our LPGA fans, making our marketing operations more streamlined and efficient. I highly recommend Flowcode to any business looking to enhance their digital presence and improve customer engagement."
Krista Olson
Vice President, Marketing, LPGA

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