Workspaces for enterprise management

Simplify collaboration, manage by department or region, streamline all operations, and set specific permissions for your team with Workspaces.

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Your team in Workspaces

Teams allow members to collaborate by sharing insights, tracking progress, and managing tasks collectively. Assign roles and permissions to control access, ensure data security, and streamline workflows.

Brand Kits keep consistency

Build recognition and trust to boost engagement with Brand Kits that ensure a consistent visual identity across Conversion Flows through the application of logos, colors, typography, and default QR code designs.

Take full control of your org

With workspaces and teams you can set permissions for users in your organization and get access to detailed audit logs for all roles.
Admins have full access to all features, including user management, analytics, and settings.
Managers can create and manage workspaces, campaigns, and view analytics but cannot modify system settings.
Editors can create and edit content within assigned workspaces but have limited access to analytics and settings.
Viewers have read-only access to content and analytics, ensuring necessary data is available without the ability to make changes.
"The Flowcode team been an outstanding partner in helping us bring our members a full scan experience. We are a larger organization and needed a solution that would allow multiple users while still providing controls, reporting and analytics. We have more visibility into our offline marketing engagement than ever before. Flow code has been the perfection solution! And whenever we do run into questions, the Client Service team is there to help."
Ann Marie English
Acquisition Marketing, Pen Fed Credit Union

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