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By taking this course, you'll become a certified expert in Offline to Online ('O2O') marketing using Flowcode's unique suite of tools. Our 100% FREE course will teach you all the tricks of the trade to increase conversions and build dynamic offline campaigns.
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Course Curriculum

Section 1
Introduction to QR
Learn the fundamentals of QR functionality. Dive into the Flowcode platform and learn what plans and solutions work best for you and your business.
Section 2
Creating a Flowcode
Understand the differences between standard and dynamic QR codes. Learn about Flowcode’s design functionalities and best practices for generating codes. In depth analysis of scan destinations and usage.
Section 3
Design and Print
Walk through Flowcode’s dynamic print store and template studio. Get tips and tricks from industry designers on best placements, printing options, and marketing assets.
Section 4
Flowpage Landing Page
Learn about creating a mobile-optimized landing page for your business using Flowpag — an easy-to-use no code platform that can be created in under 60 seconds! Feature your contact information, build your CRM, promote your products, and more.
Section 5
Data and Analytics
Deep dive into Flowcode’s reporting dashboard. Understand the power of analytics and building detailed reports. Learn how to optimize campaigns with real time insights and data.
Section 6
Advanced Features
Maximize your output by learning the ins and outs of advanced features like SmartRules, Bulk Creation, White-Label, Contact Collection, and more.
Section 7
Privacy and Protection
Learn how Flowcode takes steps to make connections safe, seamless, and secure. Understand how your data is sourced and secured.
Section 8
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What is Flowcode?

Flowcode creates direct to consumer connections through dynamic QR code technology and fully customizable landing pages. Our technology is backed by real-time data, analytics and robust reporting capabilities allowing you to track the engagement your campaigns receive in the real world. Flowcode also integrates with the major companies you use to run your business, from CRM platforms to automation tools.

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Who does this course benefit?

Any business or individual who cares about connecting with their customers instantly will benefit from this course. Resellers and consultants will also find value in this certification in order to strengthen their credibility when going to market with Flowcode. This is a one-size-fits all course, so don't hesitate to share it amongst your peers and colleagues.

QR code university

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