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Flowtag is your entire digital presence on the back of your phone

Promote yourself
Promote your business
Network smarter
Get paid
Replace business cards
Push your passion

Allow others to instantly connect with you. You deserve it.

Grow your business

Doesn’t matter if it’s your main or side hustle... always be selling.

Get qualified leads

Connections made through a Flowtag are 5x more likely to lead to a second conversation.

Scan to payment options

Receive payments and donations on the spot. No need to remember your username or link.

Save money and trees

10 billion business cards are printed a do the math.

Digital business cards

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How it Works

Step 01
Scan or tap to activate Flowtag
Step 02
Stick your Flowtag to the back of your phone
Step 03
Start connecting!


What users have to say

“During a recent conference in NYC, my flowtag was a game changer. Not only is it easier to exchange contact info, but also provides a contactless way of sharing information.”

Angela Swift - Realtor
Digital business card

“As the owner of a bakery, I get to meet a lot of people. Flowtag allows me to share my contact and business info instantly. And it fits right on my pop socket!”

Tracy D - Seven Stars Bakery

Digital business card

“While traveling for my day job I run into a lot of people who are remodeling their house and are looking for furniture and other items. With my Flowtag I can very quickly send them to any of my pages so they can see what I build and convert them to customers for my own business.”

Joe Pruett - Custom furniture builder
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