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"With the Flowcode Growth plan, we use detailed analytics and reports to see how users interact with out products. The insights are crucial for the projects we're working on.
- Michael Cameron, CEO of Unstationery

Own your first party data

Flowcode geolocation data

Upgrade to the Flowcode Growth plan to access the only tool in the world that lets you measure offline engagement. Within your Flowcode portal, customers can view a live and interactive geographic map that gathers demographic information from your scans, right down to the zip code level.

View location data
Analyze audiences
geo-location data QR codes

Get more with Flowcode growth

Create more QR codes
Starting at 150 Flowcode QR codes with a Growth plan.
Collaborate with Flowteams
Get 14 seats to collaborate with your team and manage your codes and pages.
Three artist-designed codes
Our team of in-house artists will design you three Flowcodes.
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Powerful integrations
Access integrations with Klaviyo, Salesforce, Zapier, and more.
Bulk code creation
Start creating 150 Flowcodes at once, all with different scan destinations.
Advanced analytics
Analytics for scans by date, day of week, time, and custom reports.

The leading privacy-compliant QR solution on the market

As the leading U.S. based QR platform that hosts our data locally, we care deeply about your privacy, security and data.

Every Flowcode contains a privacy policy URL to ensure compliance with CCPA/CPRA "notice at collection requirement. Security for customer's data is guaranteed with SOC2 Type 2 certification.

What Flowcode Growth gets you:
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Offline attribution toolkit

From custom pixels to geolocation tracking, the Flowcode growth tier is the plan for businesses looking to take their offline marketing to the next level. Track the ROI of your campaigns, A/B test creative, analyze audiences with deeper granularity, and more.

Integrations with your tech stack

Flowcode works well with others, and with the Growth tier your business will experience that first-hand. From Klaviyo and Salesforce to Zapier and Mailchimp, take your CRM databases to the next level with seamless integrations to your favorite marketing tools.

Bulk code creation at scale

Creating a campaign and need hundreds of Flowcode QR codes? Maybe you're planning a national direct mail send or an out-of-home campaign with hundreds of billboards, the more Flowcodes you produce, the more engagement you can track. With our bulk code creator tool, you can start by creating 150 codes with unique UTM parameters to insert on your creative.