QR Codes for Construction Companies

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Advertise anywhere
QR codes let you link to your website from anywhere. Stamp one on the side of a truck, in the window of your business, or on signs outside of jobs you’re working.
[Industry - Construction] Advertise anywhere
Track progress and materials
You can edit the destination of a dynamic QR code without having to alter the QR code itself. Multiple workers can keep track of materials and work progress by checking your QR code.
[Industry - Construction] Track progress and materials
Make construction sites safer
QR codes on construction sites can be used to link to safety information or instantly access workers’ certifications and assignments.
[Industry - Construction] Make construction sites safer

How the construction industry uses QR codes

[Industries - Construction] Let clients track your progress
Let clients track your progress
Keep your clients updated with a QR code linked to a progress page for their project.
[Industries - Construction] Gain a social following
Gain a social following
Get new social followers with a single scan. Show off your work with impressive before and after posts.
[Industries - Construction] Gather feedback
Gather feedback
QR codes on your invoices let you gather feedback and improve your business everyday!
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James Brock
CEO at Boston Home Inspectors
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FAQ's for QR codes for construction
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What are the benefits of QR codes for construction workers?

QR codes provide a number of benefits to construction workers, including:

  • Tracking projects and materials through scanning as opposed to manual data entry. 
  • Displaying safety regulations and procedures through QR codes that provide immediate access to information.
  • Streamlined communication between workers, managers, and supervisors.
  • Displaying marketing materials on signs, business cards, and more.

What is QR in construction?

QR in construction are matrix barcodes that can store and share information about a construction project. They provide a quick and convenient way to:

  • Store and access detailed information about a project, such as drawings, instructions, and safety protocols. 
  • Access information quickly and easily. 
  • Reduce paperwork and streamline communication between the site manager, contractors, and the design team. 
  • Track inventory, document progress, and ensure compliance with safety regulations.

Do construction sites need QR codes?

In the US, there is not currently a mandate on QR codes in construction sites. However, other countries already require them for all workers or visitors on a site. While not required on US construction sites, they may be used to:

  • Help ensure safety and compliance. 
  • Track attendance and ensure workers are present and accounted for. 
  • Track materials and equipment used onsite. 
  • Share safety information and provide easy access to it onsite. 
  • Track and manage compliance with regulations.