QR Codes for Educational Institutions

Use dynamic QR codes in your school

QR codes make it easy for students to access educational resources and can be instantly incorporated into lesson plans.

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QR codes for schools

Link to educational resources

Your students have phones. Shouldn’t they be using them to learn? Instantly access online videos or audio by scanning QR codes placed in your classroom.

QR codes for teachers

Countless assignments, one QR code

Dynamic QR code destinations can be updated without having to reprint the code. With just one code on the wall of the classroom, students will always be able to check what homework is due. They may need a new excuse if it’s late…

QR codes for teachers

Make information available everywhere

Codes posted throughout the school give instant access to news about extracurriculars, school events, and more!

"Flowcode has added curiosity, creativity, engagement, & easy access to documents in the classroom. Customization of Flowcodes is just the icing on the cake. Technology integration has never been easier!"

Ainsley Hill, Teacher and Instructional Technology Facilitator

How schools use QR codes

  • QR codes save paper

    Waste less paper

    By using one QR code across many lessons, you can significantly cut down on your printing needs. One answer sheet can be used for any number of tests.

  • QR codes for teachers

    Make knowledge accessible

    Students can use their phones or tablets to bring any topic to life and get more information.

  • QR codes built for teachers

    Meet more teachers!

    QR codes on teacher’s pictures and bios around the school can drive to more information about them.

Class is in session, and QR codes can help

By using one QR code across many lessons, you can significantly cut down on your printing needs. One answer sheet can be used for any number of tests. You can also use a QR code in classrooms to send students to an online test that has been created for them by their teacher. This is especially useful when students are absent and need to take a test at home.

QR codes are also useful for distributing homework assignments and tests. Instead of giving out papers with the assignment on it, you can scan the QR code on the paper and direct students to their assigned work online. When it comes to grading tests, you can use a QR code to print out the results of each student's work without having to scan each paper separately!

Students can use their phones or tablets to bring any topic to life and get more information when they scan a QR code. Imagine if you could point your phone at a poster of the solar system and instantly find out more about the planets, or point it at a picture of the Pyramids in Egypt and find out how they were built. You can do this with Flowcode’s QR code generator for schools!

QR codes on teachers’ pictures and bios around the school can drive more information about them. Teachers are often busy people and do not have time to update their bios often. This is why a mobile-friendly website is ideal for teachers. The website can be updated as needed without having to wait for someone else to edit it.

Teachers should also have a way for parents and students to contact them directly. This can include email addresses, phone numbers, and other ways of reaching them quickly. Flowcode provides a free QR code generator for schools that makes creating these QR codes easy. 

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Key Flowcode features you get

A powerful suite of tools at your fingertips.

  • Unlimited Flowcodes

    Unlimited Flowcodes

    Create and update an unlimited number of QR codes anytime. 

  • Custom designed code

    Custom designed code

    Make a custom Flowcode featuring your colors, logo, and brand aesthetic. 

  • QR code analytics

    Advanced analytics

    Enhanced analytics to let you see scans by date, day of week, time, and device. 

FAQ's for QR codes for schools

Flowcode allows teachers to cut down on printing by using one dynamic QR code to give students endlessly editable information.

Flowcode’s dynamic QR codes allow students to instantly access online resources, including audio and video. You could use one QR code to keep your students updated on daily assignments and even create educational scavenger hunts in the classroom.

All newly released smartphones have built-in QR readers so there’s no longer a need to download a QR reader app. Students can simply open their smartphone’s camera, point it at the code, tap the dropdown banner, and they’ll be taken to the QR code’s scan destination.

Yes! Using Flowcode’s QR code generator you can free a QR code for free. In fact, you can choose colors, patterns, and even upload your logo.

QR codes can be incredibly useful in the classroom, in administration, or in communication with parents. You can link educational resources around the classroom, post homework and exam dates, or announce extracurricular activities around school! They help to save paper, which saves on printing costs and promotes a green carbon footprint. 

Flowcode lets you create QR codes for free, and our codes never expire! They also can be changed at any time without having to reprint them, so your code can link to any URL, PDF, etc. 

QR codes help make your teaching process more efficient. They keep students from wasting time on search engines where they may be derailed by irrelevant and distracting information. Direct your students right to the webpage you need them to see by adding a QR code to the assignment page, and they’ll be instantly sent where they need to be! 

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