QR Codes for Government Agencies

QR codes make life easier for the public

Governments of any size can use QR codes to share vital information, simplify applications, and gain insight into public opinion.

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QR codes on signs

Vital info is just a scan away

Whether you need to communicate daily updates like parking restrictions or transit closures, QR codes are the perfect solution for keeping the public informed.

Instantly access applications

Accessing government forms can be confusing. QR codes can drive directly to PDF forms for quick discovery and download.

QR codes on a billboard
QR codes for feedback

Public opinion decoded

Easily gather feedback from the public. Want to gather opinions about land use, new bike lanes, or any other potential developments? Place a QR code poll nearby so community members can weigh in.

How government agencies use QR codes

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    Update on the fly

    Scan a QR code to be taken directly to a place to file complaints, report issues, and give feedback.

  • QR codes in office

    Make offices efficient

    QR codes can make government offices more efficient. With the scan of a single dynamic code, employees can learn the most recent updates and agenda.

  • QR codes for email

    Signatures enhanced

    QR codes in employees email signatures allow for enhanced digital destinations with a scan.

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FAQ's for QR codes for governments

Dynamic QR codes have editable locations. That means you can alter your Flowpage without printing a new code. Dynamic QR codes are like street signs that can be changed in real time.

The government can easily share information with citizens in public places like parks, post offices, and on public transit. They can display live weather announcements during natural disasters, post job openings and career growth opportunities during economic recessions, provide up-to-date public health guidelines or testing/vaccine locations for COVID-19, and more. 

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