QR Codes for Government Agencies

QR codes make life easier for the public

Governments of any size can use QR codes to share vital information, simplify applications, and gain insight into public opinion.
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Vital info is just a scan away
Whether you need to communicate daily updates like parking restrictions or transit closures, QR codes are the perfect solution for keeping the public informed.
[Industry - Government] Vital info is just a scan away
Instantly access applications
Accessing government forms can be confusing. QR codes can drive directly to PDF forms for quick discovery and download.
[Industry - Government] Instantly access applications
Public opinion decoded
Easily gather feedback from the public. Want to gather opinions about land use, new bike lanes, or any other potential developments? Place a QR code poll nearby so community members can weigh in.
[Industry - Government] Public opinion decoded

How government agencies use QR codes

[Industries - Government] Make offices efficient
Make offices efficient
QR codes can make government offices more efficient. With the scan of a single dynamic code, employees can learn the most recent updates and agenda.
[Industries - Government] Signatures enhanced
Signatures enhanced
QR codes in employees email signatures allow for enhanced digital destinations with a scan.
[Industries - Government] Update on the fly
Update on the fly
Scan a QR code to be taken directly to a place to file complaints, report issues, and give feedback.
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Unlimited Scans
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FAQ's for QR codes for governments
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What makes dynamic QR codes special?
  1. The destinations on dynamic QR codes can be changed after they have been printed, which saves money on new printing.
  2. Dynamic QR codes can contain more data than static ones, allowing for more information to be stored in a single code.
  3. Dynamic QR codes can track data . For example, it can track how often a code is scanned, the location it was scanned from, and the device that was used to scan it.
  4. Dynamic QR codes have built-in security features that make them difficult to copy and replicate.
What are the uses of QR codes for government?

There are many uses of QR codes for governments, including:

  1. Educating about public safety initiatives like emergency contact information, safety notifications, and crime prevention tips. 
  2. Facilitating faster tax payments by allowing taxpayers to scan a code with their mobile device and make an online payment instantly. 
  3. Linking citizens to digital services such as online registration forms, event registrations, and voting systems. 
  4. Providing quick access to social services like child protective services or emergency hotlines during disasters.
What is the role of QR code in economic development?

There are many roles that QR codes can play in economic development, including:

  1. Streamlining processes such as payments and invoicing, leading to increased efficiency in the economy.
  2. Connecting customers with businesses and products, enabling rapid economic growth.
  3. Providing businesses with a simple way to advertise, leading to increased profits and faster economic development.
  4. Tracking customer data, enabling a better understanding of consumer trends to develop more effective policies for economic growth.

What are 3 uses of QR code?

1. Contactless payments with apps like Apple Pay, Google Pay, Square, Venmo, and PayPal. 

2. Share digital content, such as websites, videos, images, PDFs and more. Nearly anything online can be linked to a QR code.

3. QR codes can be used to track things like shipments and inventory or to verify attendance among employees.

What are the benefits of QR code for security?

There are many benefits QR code for security, such as:

  1. Increased Security through secure authentication. Entities can set up two-factor authentication with a QR code. This allows users to be sure that they are logging in to the correct account or application when they scan it.  
  2. QR codes are easy to use, which means anyone can do it. Simply scan a code with a smartphone camera and you are ready to roll! This simplifies the process of accessing things, while still providing a robust level of security. No need for complicated passwords.
  3. QR codes are much more cost-effective than card readers or biometric scanners.