QR Codes for Healthcare

Innovate customer and patient experiences

Modernize your patient experiences with by making resources and care immediately accessible with a scan. Optimize your life science or pharmaceutical product packaging marketing with a conversion suite that convert 3x more effectively than web solutions.
Mount Sinai
St Jude
Mayo Clinic
Health advice is one scan away
The destination of dynamic QR codes can be changed without having to print a new code. Whether your patients are scanning a business card or other print out, offer daily health tips or updates about your practice.
[Industry - Pharma Medical] Health advice is one scan away
Promote your practice
QR codes can be printed on signs, business cards, and almost any surface so potential patients can discover your practice’s website with one scan.
[Industry - Pharma Medical] Promote your practice
Make patient resources accessible
Give your existing patients a unique QR code that links directly to your patient portal so they can be confident that their information is being handled securely.
[Industry - Pharma Medical] Make patient resources accessible
Interactive advertising
Create powerful TV activations by enabling your audience to engage with commercials. Flowcode creates high quality QR codes optimized for TV placements.
[Industry - Pharma Medical] Interactive advertising

How the healthcare industry use QR codes

[Industries - Pharma] Pharmaceutical Companies
Pharmaceutical Companies
Drive leads with interactive advertising to enable customers to learn more about your product.
[Industries - Pharma] Hospitals & In-Patient Care
Hospitals & In-Patient Care
Modernize care by making patient resources and health advice easily accessible with a simple scan.
[Industries - Pharma] Life Sciences Companies Can Make Ads Shoppable
Life Sciences Companies Can Make Ads Shoppable
Turn any surface into an opportunity to educate customers about your product and make marketing interactive with scan to shop.
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"Flowcode has been an instrumental marketing tool for our healthcare offices. We’ve been leveraging Flowcode for 2 years as a means to expedite our check-in process, share patient resources, and measure data and analytics across all of our locations. It’s an intuitive and easy tool to use, and their customer support team is always readily available to help."
Maria Auciello
Director of Marketing & Communications at Essen Healthcare
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Key Flowcode features you get

A powerful suite of tools at your fingertips.
Unlimited Scans
Your Flowcode QR codes have no scan limits and never expire.
Custom Designed Code
Make a custom Flowcode featuring your colors, logo, and brand aesthetic.
Advanced Analytics
Gather robust first party data that unlocks insights about brand new offline customers.
FAQ's for using QR codes for healthcare
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How do pharmacies use QR codes?

There are many ways that pharmacies can use QR codes, including:

  1. Quickly accessing patient information, including prescriptions, allergies and medical history. 
  2. Ensuring accuracy when dispensing medications. 
  3. Accessing medication instructions and information about potential side effects. 
  4. Refilling or transferring prescriptions from patients’ phones.
  5. Promoting discounts or special offers on over-the-counter products.
What is a QR code in healthcare?

QR codes in healthcare are incredibly useful. They can be: 

  1. Posted on prescription medications with instructions for use, refill information, doctor’s recommendations, and more. 
  2. Used on phlebotomy materials to mark which tests are ordered for which patients, as well as which patient each sample belongs to. 
  3. Used on the outside of hospital rooms for a patient’s full chart as well as which tests are being ordered, completed, etc.
  4. Be used to display administrative  tools, such as: training manuals, safety protocols, bylaws, tracking devices, timeclocks, etc.
How can QR codes help doctors find new patients for their practice?

There are many ways that QR codes help doctors find new patients for their practice. Doctors can print codes onto promotional materials like: 

  • Signs
  • Billboards
  • Business cards
  • Stickers 

When potential patients scan the codes they can be taken directly to the practice’s website to view the doctor’s credentials and schedule an appointment.