QR Codes for Manufacturing

Streamline and organize your manufacturing process with QR codes

Whether you're tracking parts during assembly, providing safety reminders, or expediting invoicing, QR codes can streamline your manufacturing business.

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QR codes for manufacturing

Track assembly

QR codes were first created in the 90s by a Japanese auto company, and they continue to make it easy to track a huge number of components during the manufacturing process.

Link to vital information

Codes can be stamped on walls or machinery to link to safety information where it’s most relevant.

QR codes for manufacturing
QR codes for manufacturing

Upgrade your invoices

If you want to get paid as quickly as possible, you should make it as simple as possible. A QR code printed at the top of the invoice can link directly to an online payment processor.

We’ve used Flowcode very successfully for the past two years! Flowcode allows us to not only stand out with our codes, but to also beautifully “brand” them with our company logo and colors.

Marry Morgan, Director of Marketing at HuggleHounds

How manufacturers use QR codes

  • QR codes for manufacturing

    Collect first party data

    Build a data inventory and get detailed insight into where and when your codes are scanned so you can apply lessons to make manufacturing more efficient.

  • QR codes for manufacturing

    Maintain maintenance schedules

    Codes printed on machinery can track maintenance updates to be certain everything stays well maintained, safe, and efficient.

  • QR codes for manufacturing

    Get actionable feedback

    Smooth teams make for smooth operations. QR codes can drive to feedback pages for your staff.

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FAQ's for using QR codes for manufacturing

QR codes are printed on components so workers can keep a running update of the manufacturing process and inventory stock.

QR codes can be placed in potentially dangerous areas and link directly to important, updatable safety information.

QR codes can make invoicing much easier as manufacturers can print a code that links directly to their preferred payment processor. QR codes can also be printed on products to advertise the manufacturer.

QR codes are crucial for organizations to manage their inventory and track the progress of their manufacturing. Locations, serial numbers, production status, and more can all be stored on a QR code. This provides the organization with instant access to crucial information. 

QR codes are key for packaging, shipping, and tracking packages from every stage in your logistics cycle. Before the good has finished being produced all the way through delivery at its final destination, QR codes keep manufacturers up to date on the good’s progress. You can monitor locations, estimate arrival times, identify precise serial numbers, and more! 

Yes, QR codes are perfect for tracking inventory. QR codes were actually originally created for the manufacturing industry to track car parts in warehouses. They can keep track of thousands of pieces of information, and they instantly keep your organization up to date on the location of all your items.  

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