QR Codes for Music and Entertainment

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Boost merch sales
QR codes get fans to revenue-generating platforms in seconds. Drive your audience to online merch stores, exclusive subscription content, and streaming platforms in the streets and at live events.
[Industry - Music and Artists] Boost merch sales
Connect with your fans
Unlock first party data from live events more effectively than ever before. View high level data to see engagements across every city and identify your most loyal fans. Capture fan contact information to build an engaged fan community that lasts.
[Industry - Music and Artists] Connect with your fans
Web3 activations that create value
Create unique experiences by connecting fans to the Metaverse from their seats. Share exclusive digital assets as tokens, build loyal online fan groups, and drive future revenue with pre-sale and exclusive offers only available to your most engaged audiences.
[Industry - Music and Artists] Web3 activations that create value

How musicians and artists are using QR codes

[Industries - Music and Artists] 25% Scan & 70% Conversion Rates
70% Conversion Rates
On average, a quarter of audiences scan Flowcodes and nearly three quarters of scanners complete the desired conversion on the spot.
[Industries - Music and Artists] 99% New Fans Acquired
99% New Fans Acquired
Nearly all fan contact information collected is new to the artist database, adding a valuable offline segment to your audience funnel permanently.
[Industries - Music and Artists] $100k Incremental Tour Revenue
$100k Incremental Tour Revenue
Artists generate huge additional revenue returns through merchandise sales, promoting upcoming events, and more.
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Essential tips for creatives using QR codes
Have questions about QR codes? Get up to speed on how to create a Flowcode QR code.
Build organic buzz

QR codes are a great way to build buzz around your new album or single. A QR code on a cryptic ad of your work can send scanners to a sneak look at what’s to come. This can be done in magazines and newspapers, on posters and billboards, or even on the side of a bus or train.

By placing a QR code on an ad for your new album (or single), you will be able to get people interested in your music just as much as they would be if they saw one of your videos on YouTube or heard it on Spotify. Music QR codes are a powerful way to get people intrigued.

Engaging merchandise drops

QR codes are providing musicians with the fastest way to connect and distribute NFTs. QR codes are a more direct way of distributing NFTs than their blockchain equivalent, which is a public ledger containing all transactions. Instead, QR codes allow users to access a digital asset in a more private and personal way.

Increase your merchandise sales

The QR code is a universal way to make sure that your fans are able to access your online store. It’s one of the easiest ways to sell merch without having to rely on cash or credit card payments. One of the best ways to use QR codes for music merchandise is when you’re playing a show. It’s easy for people to scan them, and it gives them a way to get into your online store right away. They can also give customers another opportunity to buy tickets and merchandise after the show.

QR codes aren’t just useful at shows; they can also be used on tickets and other promotional items like posters and flyers. If you have a big screen in front of the stage, put a QR code on it so people can scan it while they watch the show! Flowcode’s free QR code for music merchandise allows you to do just this.

Key Flowcode features you get

A powerful suite of tools at your fingertips.
Unlimited Scans
Your Flowcode QR codes have no scan limits and never expire.
Custom Designed Code
Make a custom Flowcode featuring your colors, logo, and brand aesthetic.
Advanced Analytics
Gather robust first party data that unlocks insights about brand new offline customers.
FAQ's for using QR codes for musicians and artists
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How to make QR codes for musicians?

It’s easy to make QR codes for musicians, where they can link to their: 

  1. Songs
  2. Music videos
  3. Tour websites
  4. Mailing lists, and more.

Create Flowcode in under 60 seconds for free by:

  1. Going to our free QR code generator.
  2. Choosing a color
  3. Choosing a shape
  4. Choosing a pattern
  5. Linking your destination
  6. Uploading your logo
  7. Downloading your QR code.

These QR codes can adhere to any physical or digital surface. 

Can artists promote music with QR codes?

Artists can promote their music with QR codes by using their ability to easily draw people to their marketing channels. Some ways that musicians can use QR codes to promote their music are:

  1. Include QR codes on posters, flyers, and other promotional materials for concerts or music releases. 
  2. Place QR codes on album covers to link to streaming websites or direct downloads of the music. 
  3. Use QR codes in videos to link to additional content like behind-the-scenes footage, interviews, etc. 
  4. Create a unique URL for a website specifically for the release of a new single/album and include the QR code on promotional materials that links directly to it.
  5. Offer discounts or exclusive content when fans scan a QR code at live shows or other events related to the music promotion.
  6. Link to NFT collections.

Read more about how musicians are using Flowcode to connect with fans.

Can you link a song or an artist’s profile page in a QR Code?

Yes, you can link a song or an artist’s profile page in a QR Code directly to: 

  1. Spotify
  2. Apple Music
  3. YouTube
  4. Soundcloud
  5. Tidal
  6. Website 
  7. Social media
  8. NFTs

To simplify things, artists can display all of these links on a single Flowpage, Flowcode’s mobile landing page, making it easy for fans to navigate through the artist’s music and brand.