QR Codes for Personal Use

QR codes are perfect for everyday use

From managing invitations to securing your personal items, QR codes can help you keep track of information in your daily life.
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Personal Use
Instant RSVPs
Want to send paper invites but don’t trust your guests to return them in time? Good news! QR codes on invites allow for a rapid RSVP.
[Industry - Personal] Instant RSVPs
Elevate your resume
Drive people to your website, portfolio, or other digital destinations with a QR code on your resume.
[Industry - Personal] Elevate your resume
Information around the home
QR codes can turn any home into a smart home. Always forget to order more toilet paper? You won’t forget if you have a QR code set for the order page right in your bathroom.
[Industry - Personal] Information around the home

How individuals use QR codes

[Industries - Personal] Protect your pets
Protect your pets
QR codes on collars ensure your lost pets will always be found.
[Industries - Personal] Hello instant WIFI
Hello instant WIFI
QR codes can be placed around your home for rapid connection to WIFI.
[Industries - Personal] Travel made secure
Travel made secure
Lost luggage can always be found with a QR code that sends scanners to your contact information.
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"QR codes elevated my portfolio and allowed quick connection for prospective clients to see my projects."
Jimmy Montague
Freelance Architect
Popular applications for personal QR codes use
Ready to make a code?
Protect your pets

It's the 21st century, and there are countless ways to keep track of your pets. But what happens when your dog gets lost? Unless you're one of the lucky ones who live in a city with a comprehensive network of stray animal services, it can be surprisingly difficult to find a missing pet.

That's why QR code tags for dogs are such a good idea. If you've ever scanned a QR code, you know how easy it is to use — just point your smartphone at the code, and it loads up whatever info is embedded in it. QR code tags for dogs ensure that your lost pets will always be found, even if they don't have microchips or other identification tags attached to their collars.

Modernize your resume

There are many different ways you can use a QR code to share your resume. The most obvious is to include a QR code on your business card, but this isn't always practical. This is where a QR code for resumes comes in handy. If you're looking for a job and need to share your resume with potential employers, the best way to do so is through a resume QR code. This allows you to keep your resume private and secure, but still makes it easy for employers to access your documents if they want more information about you.

QR codes for resumes work just like any other QR code that you might encounter. Simply scan the code with your smartphone or tablet's camera app and it will open up an email containing your resume as an attachment. QR codes for resumes make you look modern and simplify the application process.

Enhance your portfolio

QR codes are a great way to link to your portfolio. Instead of having a URL on your business card or resume, you can have a QR code linking right to your portfolio. This is especially useful if you're trying to network with potential employers or clients. When someone scans the code, they'll be taken directly to your website or social media profile page.

This is especially useful if you're networking with people who don't have time to sit down and watch your reel or read your resume. They can scan the code in two seconds and get an immediate snapshot of what kind of work you're capable of doing. Additionally, with built-in tracking and analytics, you know when your portfolio is being viewed, taking the guesswork out of networking.

Key Flowcode features you get

A powerful suite of tools at your fingertips.
Unlimited Flowcodes
Create and update an unlimited number of QR codes anytime.
Create a Custom Code
From colors to logos, create a code built for your brand.
Advanced Analytics
Gather robust first party data that unlocks insights about brand new offline customers.
FAQ's for using QR codes for personal use
Question not answered?
Are QR codes free?

Yes, QR codes are free. You can create your own QR codes completely free on the Flowcode website. Flowcode’s free QR codes:

  1. Never expire
  2. Allow the destination to be changed at any point
  3. Have multiple design options including custom colors, logos, shapes, and patterns.

To set up a free QR code:

  1. Navigate to our free QR code generator.
  2. Select your color
  3. Pick your shape
  4. Choose your pattern
  5. Input your destination
  6. Print your code
  7. Place on physical or digital surface
What is a personal QR code?

A personal QR code is one that serves you in everyday life, and can help simplify many aspects of it. You can use QR codes to:

  1. Store contact information, such as name, phone number, and address. This can include emergency lines in order to protect you and the people you care about. 
  2. Link to a website or online portfolio that showcases your personal skills and experiences. These can be placed on resumes, cover letters, and business cards.
  3. QR codes are an way for friends and family to send money directly from their phone without having to type in your bank account details manually each time.
  4. Place QR codes on your pet's tags, with contact and health information in case they get lost.
  5. Create a way to unlock and start your car with your phone, adding an extra level of security to your vehicle.
  6. Store WiFi login information.
  7. Display contact information on your luggage in case it gets misplaced.

Are QR codes a security risk?

Like anything that links to the internet, QR codes can be security risks if they are not used properly. However, if you follow these protocols, it reduces the risk. 

  1. Ensure that the QR code links to a secure website with an SSL certificate and that it is encrypted. 
  2. Avoid using static, non-GDPR/CCPA-compliant QR codes. Flowcode’s are dynamic and strictly adhere to the most modern privacy regulations
  3. Limit the information on the QR code to what is necessary. Do not include sensitive data such as passwords or credit card numbers.
  4. Regularly update your QR codes. Malicious actors may have access to outdated versions of your code that may contain vulnerable information or links to malicious websites. 
  5. Monitor the usage of your QR code regularly to detect any suspicious activity or misuse of your code quickly before it becomes a security issue.
How do I get a personal QR code?

It’s easy to get a personal QR code using Flowcode’s free QR code generator. Flowcode’s never expire, are dynamic and updatable, and allow for a wide range of design options for any personal use. To get a personal QR code:

  1. Go to Flowcode’s free QR code generator.
  2. Choose your color.
  3. Modify your shape
  4. Integrate your pattern
  5. Link your destination
  6. Print and display your code