QR Codes for Printing

Integrate Flowcode into your printing workflow

Offer your customers the premier QR solution to drive higher engagement and prove out ROI. QR is to Flowcode as office printer is to HP Indigo. You wouldn’t print using parchment paper… don’t print using basic QR.
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Level up your mailing
Intelligent mail barcodes only tell half of the story. Finish the loop with recipient engagement analytics with unique Flowcodes per recipient. Operationalize personalized experiences to improve conversion rates and your customer’s ROI.
[Industry - Print] Level Up Mailing
Connective and measurable large format
With a Flowcode license, you will be able to create codes for all mediums, including any OOH, retail, or large placement. If there is foot traffic, Flowcode can help your customers directly connect with their audience.
[Industry - Print] Connective and measurable large format
Connect your packaging and labels
Tie Flowcodes to order IDs so your customers can quickly connect to their product information. Do you want to continue to stay compliant with global standards? Choose Flowcode.
[Industry - Print] Connect your packaging and labels

[Industry - Print] Direct mail campaigns
Direct mail campaigns
Drive rapid engagement with mailers.
[Industry - Print] Scan to claim
Instant customer loyalty
Create scan to claim discounts for customers.
[Industry - Print] Rewards on every page
Rewards on every page
Make print the new digital with instant rewards.
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Key Flowcode features for printing

The printing industry uses these features at scale.
Create a Custom Code
From colors to logos, create a code built for your brand.
Unlimited Scans
Your Flowcode QR codes have no scan limits and never expire.
Advanced Analytics
Gather robust first party data that unlocks insights about brand new offline customers.
FAQs for printing QR codes
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How do I create a QR code for printing?

To create a QR code for printing you should choose a QR code that can be highly customized and edited. Flowcode lets you create dynamic QR codes for free, with scan destinations that can be edited anytime — even after you print your code.

When considering postcards, flyers, mailers, menus, business cards etc, it’s best to ensure your Flowcode QR code is big enough to be easily noticed and scanned by someone holding it an arms length away. Following these tips can help ensure the best customer experience and engagement levels with your codes.

  • Minimum size: The smallest viable size for a Flowcode in print is 1-inch by 1-inch from eye to eye.
  • The bigger the better: We estimate a 300% increased scan count with a larger size.
  • Size by distance: QR codes that are only accessible from a long distance should be enlarged to maintain scannability. For example, if your Flowcode can only be scanned from 10ft away, your code should be at least 1ft large.
  • Scale ratio: We recommend that your Flowcodes take up at least 25% of the total print surface area to ensure they are easily visible and provide a seamless scan experience.
  • Placement on print collateral: Make the codes an integral part of your content. This validates the importance of the code, and makes the interaction more trustworthy.
  • Place at eye level: Think about how your audience will interact with the code, and what will make it easiest for them to scan without needing to zoom in, bend down, or go out of their way to interact with the code.
What are the rules for printing QR codes?

When printing QR codes, there are three important rules you need to follow. The first is the size of the QR code. It should be at least 2” large to ensure scannability. The second is the surface you’re printing on. Make sure the material you are printing on can withstand outdoor elements, and not rip. The third is the type of QR code. Make sure you use a dynamic QR code like Flowcode, because after you print your codes the scan destination can be edited.

Can you print QR codes with regular printer?

Yes, you can print your QR code with a regular printer. However, you should make sure your QR code is at least 2” large, otherwise it may have issues scanning. 

Before printing, make sure that your Flowcode is scannable by testing with different devices, or at the very least with your own device. We recommend doing another round of scan testing on a sample print to ensure it is successful before printing in larger quantities.

What format is a QR code for print?

The QR code format for print is flexible, and depends on the format you are printing for. However, Flowcode, the leading QR code provider, recommends:

  • Use 'matte' or 'dull' finish to reduce glare: If the material has a glossy finish, reflections in it can affect the code and make it hard for the device’s camera to read.
  • Print material: For flyers and other applications, using heavier paper stock can help ensure that your collateral remains intact and high quality over time.
  • RGB vs CMYK: For certain print materials (newspapers, magazines, some mailers) codes needs to be in black and not 4c (four color).
  • Most likely you will need the code to be converted to CMYK.
  • Small codes: Codes printed in a small area or on a material with ink bleed should be single color black, typically with no logo and dense data points.