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Test. Don't guess. Leverage Flowcode QR codes to optimize your media based on real-time insights. Dial up the efficiency of your media by making it connected and measurable.
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Optimized for the screen
From custom animations and timer animations to visual scan education with CTAs, FlowcodeTV QR codes are optimized to engage and convert. With dozens of customizations and white glove support, we make sure your KPIs and targets are hit.
[Industries - TV] Optimized for the screen
Build your campaign with unique templates
Regardless of your creative — we have a template for it. Expandable, lower corner, half screen, picture in picture, and more. Our team will support you on your campaigns to optimize for industry best practices. Share your creative with us, and let's get going.
[Industries - TV] Build your campaign with unique templates
Real-time data and attribution
Unlock first party data from live events more effectively than ever before. View high level data to see engagements across every city and identify your most loyal fans. Capture fan contact information to build an engaged fan community that lasts.
[Industries - TV] Real-time data and attribution

Top agencies and global direct to consumer brands leverage FlowcodeTV

FlowcodeTV offers an end-to-end solution, not just a QR code.
[Industries - TV] The NBA
Powering on court and on screen activations for the NBA league wide.
[Industries - TV] The Buffalo Bills
Buffalo Bills
Engaging with fans between plays and collecting CRM.
[Industries - TV] Turner Sports
Turner Sports
Measuring Turner Sport's campaigns to track real-time attribution and the ROI of spend.
[Industries - TV] Welch's Fruit Snacks
Welch's Fruit Snacks
Elevating traditional TV campaigns with audience experiences.
[Industries - TV] Yellowstone
Merchandising between the scenes on the popular TV show Yellowstone.
[Industries - TV] JVN Hair
JVN Hair
Shopping on the spot is made easy with Jonathan Van Ness's campaigns.
Optimize and measure your offline to online conversions
Understand insights in one glance, improve targeting and optimize your campaigns for success. Access realtime performance tracking A/B testing, variable analysis, CRM collection tools and full funnel analytics.
[Industries - TV] Optimize and measure your offline to online conversions
Privacy compliant and data safe
Privacy is paramount, and Flowcode is the safest QR code in the entire industry. With legal indemnification, industry leading GDPR + CCPA privacy compliance, and machine learning fraud detection, your team and audience can feel secure with Flowcode.
[Industries - TV] Privacy compliant and data safe
Learn how our team becomes an extension of your organization
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Managed service and support

Dedicated client success to support setup, reporting and any creative needs. Additional automated tools (e.g APIs)

Best practices and benchmarks

We leverage best practices from millions of data points and +500M impressions for insights and predictive performance

Privacy compliance

All codes contain a privacy smile protecting you and the consumer. Privacy compliant with both CCPA and GDPR

Key Flowcode Features

A powerful suite of tools at your fingertips.
Team Management
Your whole team. One roof. Share assets, permissions, and manage all of your Flowcode tools with ease.
Eye Catching Designs
Our team of in-house designers will create you a custom QR optimized for maximum engagement.
Advanced Insights
Learn exactly how fans engage with your brand. Filter engagements by date, time, and location to gather immediate insights.
FAQ's for QR codes on TV
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Can you create a QR code for a video?

QR codes are compatible with video, and if applied correctly can be a powerful driver of user traffic and engagement. If you want to create a QR code for TV, FlowcodeTV is the most powerful and reliable tool to make your videos interactive.

How do I use a QR code on my TV?

To get the biggest impact of using a QR code on TV, you need a code that can withstand a high volume of traffic, be privacy compliant, and be scannable for all device types. For those reasons, it's best to use platforms that offer end-to-end solutions like Flowcode.

How do I find the QR code on my screen?

Typically, you can find the QR code on your TV screen in a prominent, easily visible part of the screen. This may be at the corners or the center. Look for a square-shaped, checkered pattern–that’s the QR code.

How big should a QR code be on TV?

While there’s no hard and fast rule, the QR code should ideally be large enough to be easily scanned by viewers. The exact size may depend on the TV screen size. However, typically, it should occupy at least 1/6th to 1/4th of the screen.

Do QR codes work on television ads?

Yes! QR codes actually work very effectively on television ads. Viewers can simply point their phone cameras at the code displayed on the screen to scan it, and then they’ll get directed to a product page, landing page, or any other desired destination.

What is a CTV platform?

CTV, or Connected TV, refers to any TV that can be connected to the internet to access content beyond traditional broadcast media. Examples include smart TVs and devices like Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, or Apple TV.