Flowcode QR Codes for Hubspot

Effortlessly add offline contacts to your relationship management

Flowcode is the simplest conversion tool for offline customers and leads. In seconds you can gather customer contact information to establish ongoing marketing touch points or follow-up sales management steps. Simply create a Flowcode, collect contacts via Flowpage, and use our Hubspot integration to seamlessly add users to your existing pipeline. Available for Growth plans and above.

Key Features

Here are a few quick ways to utilize our product suite with Hubspot.
Automate engagements
Instantly create personalized engagements with new sales leads through integrating collected customer data into automated flows.
Manage sales workflows
Drive new contacts to your sales dashboard and seamlessly organize leads within your pipeline to identify opportunities for sales, cross-selling, and more.
Create high-converting ads
Re-engage interested consumers across advertising platforms through migrating Flowcode data to create custom audiences on your preferred ad platform.
Scale your personalization
Flowcode helps you effectively gather offline audiences from brand new channels. Manage these opportunities with personalized marketing solutions that scale. Collect customer information through our Contact Collection Widget, then integrate with Hubspot to handle follow-up marketing touchpoints automatically.
Widen your pipeline with ease
Flowcode funnels a new audience category into your sales pipeline. Enable your team to successfully manage new inbound leads when you leverage our Hubspot integration for automation and leads management.
How different industries use Flowcode with Hubspot
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Agency teams empower clients with increased conversions

Agencies can boosts results for clients by recommending QR code strategies that drive email marketing lists. Clients utilizing Hubspot can now gather new customers to their marketing mailing pipeline from product packaging, OOH marketing, live events, and more. In seconds, new subscribers can be added to a Hubspot mailing flow to announce product releases, sales, and other revenue driving operations.

Tech and telecom teams can drive leads from new avenues

Every billboard, OOH marketing investment, and conference conversation can benefit from automated conversion tools. Tech and telecom companies that invest in offline marketing can bring potential clients into conversations instantly and keep leads engaged by capturing contact information on the spot for next steps. Generating and fostering offline leads can become automated, digitized, and painless.

Manufacturing teams can foster partnerships with digitization

Establishing and fostering new relationships is vital to sales and distribution in the manufacturing business. Convert more leads into sales with automated outreach and follow-ups from leads gathered passively with offline marketing solutions or from seller tradeshows. Integrating our QR code contact collection solution with Hubspot makes adding new clients to a sales flow easier than ever.

Why Flowcode

Key features that will push your campaigns further.
Endless New Contacts
Place your custom QR code in the world and passively collect new customers from any surface.
Team Collaboration
Your team can seamlessly work across our platform to edit and adjust integration actions.
Advanced Analytics
Gather robust first party data that unlocks insights about brand new offline customers.
FAQ For Connecting Your Flowcode To Hubspot
Questions not answered?
How can Flowcode improve my marketing and sales pipeline?

Flowcode provides an additional platform to gather relevant audiences and establish ongoing touchpoints to drive conversions and close deals. Unlock a new set of customers by harnessing the power of offline channels with your OOH marketing to add an additional flow to your existing pipeline. Flowcodes can be placed in any context in the physical world and instantly bring users online to share their CRM with you.

How can I set up CRM capture?

To enable this integration, create your own custom Flowpage landing page and select our Contact Collection Widget. From here, you can select which data fields you would like to collect, including: Name, Email, Phone Number, and Address, and custom field entries for Company or other needs. Simply select the Hubspot integration button and watch your data flow.

Who can utilize Hubspot integrations?

Flowcode to Hubspot enablement is available with Enterprise plan. Learn more about our pricing on our plans page.