Flowcode QR Codes for Klaviyo

Reach and retain new audiences

Flowcode is the fastest tool to convert offline audiences. Integrate new audiences with Klaviyo’s automated message and email marketing to engage with valuable customer segments across channels for higher conversions. Available for Growth plans and above.

Key Features

Here are a few quick ways to utilize our product suite with Klaviyo.
Automate SMS and MMS marketing
Instantly drive sales by adding offline customers to your text marketing funnel.
Personalize email marketing
Seamlessly add new offline subscribers to your mailing list and create personalized outreach for maximum conversion.
Drive campaign testing
Optimize your marketing by running split tests on new audiences gathered from offline touchpoints.
Optimize your outreach
Automatically unlock new customers with contact collection on Flowpage. Get more out of your outreach when you test channels and messaging across new audience segments. Our Klaviyo integration enables immediate database migration so you can find your best strategy for conversion.
Drive automatic conversions
Flowcode helps drive offline audiences online. Keep new customers engaged with seamless multi-channel communication. Send personalized, timely, and relevant messages that have high open rates and click throughs.
How different industries use Flowcode with Klaviyo
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Marketers get smarter about retention through personalization

Intelligently segmenting and interacting with customers by behavior is key to building a high conversion marketing tool. Marketers across all industries can benefit from attracting new customers to their marketing messages to drive sales and deals. Flowcode makes it easier than ever to reach offline audiences and add them to your existing marketing pipeline. Integrating Flowcode QR campaigns with Klaviyo is the next step – re-target customers with Klaviyo’s pre-build messaging templates that make it simple to determine how and when to re-engage your audiences across devices, platforms, and more.

Retailers can build omni-channel communication in a few easy steps

Retail companies are constantly running sales, promotions, and exclusive releases. Adding new customers to your messaging funnels is now easier than ever. Identify new interested customers by placing QR codes throughout physical storefronts and building communication with interested and existing shoppers. QR codes rapidly collect customer contact information by reaching them in the shopping headspace. Migrate these contacts to Klaviyo to send customizable and personalized messages to shoppers and encourage conversion by capturing them with a high-touch by low effort omni-channel communication strategy.

Government organizations can reach key audiences anywhere

Government organizations and campaigns can use targeted SMS and email messaging to quickly drive behavior among important target audiences. Creating QR codes for campaign details or registration forms enables your organization to capture contact information and directly target audiences about weather warnings, upcoming deadlines like voter registration, and other time sensitive messages to drive action.

Why Flowcode?

Key features that will push your campaigns further.
Endless New Contacts
Place your custom QR code in the world and passively collect new customers from any surface.
Team Collaboration
Your team can seamlessly work across our platform to edit and adjust integration actions.
Advanced Analytics
Gather robust first party data that unlocks insights about brand new offline customers.
FAQs For Connecting Your Flowcode To Klaviyo
Questions not answered?
How do I use QR codes for email and text marketing?

Flowcode helps you reach new customers by capturing them from offline channels. Attract new shoppers when you display QR codes in physical spaces like in-store, on packaging, and more. Once you design and determine the placement of your custom Flowcode, you can connect it with a Flowpage. This easy-to-use customizable landing page enables you to share any information you need with customers via links and add useful action buttons like contact collection forms. Using Flowpage’s ‘Contact Collection Form’ widget prompts anyone who scans your code to enter their contact information. Then, integrate collected data from your Flowpage with marketing messaging services like Klaviyo.

How can I migrate contact information using Klaviyo?

The easiest way to migrate contact information to Mailchimp is using the Flowpage ‘Contact Collection’ widget. This widget is customizable with several integration options, including Klaviyo. Create a unique ‘API Key’ on Klaviyo and add it to the Klaviyo integration when you select it on the Flowpage editor. From there, you can control which lists or audiences new subscribers will automatically be added to via Klaviyo.

Who can use Klaviyo integrations?

Flowcode to Klaviyo enablement is available with Enterprise plan. Email us at [email protected] to learn more.