Flowcode QR Codes for Mailchimp

Reach relevant inboxes to drive revenue

Flowcode makes contact collection simple. Capture new subscribers for your mailing list and Migrate with Mailchimp to automatically engage new high value customer segments based on interests, geography, and more. Available with Pro, Pro+, and Enterprise plans.

Key Features

Here are a few quick ways to utilize our product suite with Mailchimp.
Personalize e-mail marketing
Seamlessly add new offline subscribers to your mailing list and create personalized interactions for maximum conversion.
Meet your offline audience
Migrate Flowcode collected data to your Mailchimp audiences and segment your offline users for future campaigns.
Drive campaign testing
Optimize your marketing by running split tests on new audiences gathered from offline touchpoints.
Drive shoppers to conversion
Add offline audiences to your funnel instantly with Flowcode. Keep them engaged with personalized outreach. Migrate acquired users to your Mailchimp subscriber lists and address shoppers by name or with relevant product recommendations to boost sales.
Engage intelligently with new audiences
Better understand your untapped audience by migrating offline audiences from Flowcode to Mailchimp. Optimize your marketing through audience segmentation and split tests among offline users to drive your omnichannel sales.
How different industries use Flowcode with Mailchimp
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E-commerce sellers drive conversion with personalization

Flowcode enables you to unify your offline and online audiences. Configuring Mailchimp with contact information collected via Flowcode enables companies to repeatedly engage with high value customers. Personalized emails that include names and product suggestions based on customer data boost to conversion by sharing relevant information with the right audience.

Entertainment event organizers boost sales with relevance

Keeping attendees in your pipeline after an event is vital to maintaining revenue. Increase future ticket sales by harnessing high value attendees in your network. Use Flowcodes at events to gather contact information in just a few clicks. Connecting a Flowpage enables a contact form Mailchimp integration that allows you to cleverly re-engage audiences with upcoming events relevant to them. Segment audiences by personal interests or geography to retarget for higher conversions.

Non-profits increase engagement with email campaigns

Turn any fundraising event into an opportunity to build community. Flowcode allows nonprofits to collect contact information seamlessly and in seconds. Even better, integrating Flowcode’s database with Mailchimp allows you to instantly deliver automated messages to entered addresses of past donors or interested community members to drive new donations, volunteer sign-ups, and more.

Why Flowcode?

Key features that will push your campaigns further.
Endless New Contacts
Place your custom QR code in the world and passively collect new customers from any surface.
Team Collaboration
Your team can seamlessly work across our platform to edit and adjust integration actions.
Advanced Analytics
Gather robust first party data that unlocks insights about brand new offline customers.
FAQs For Connecting Your Flowcode To Mailchimp
Questions not answered?
How can I use QR codes for email marketing?

You can use QR codes for email marketing by leveraging platforms like Flowcode. Flowcode enables you to reach new customers by engaging with them in the offline world. Capture a new audience when you display QR codes in physical spaces like in-store, on packaging, and more. Once you design and determine the placement of your custom Flowcode, you can connect it with a Flowpage. This easy-to-use customizable landing page enables you to share any information you need with customers via links and add useful action buttons like contact collection forms. Using Flowpage’s ‘Contact Collection Form’ widget prompts anyone who scans your code to enter their contact information. Then, integrate collected data from your Flowpage with Mailchimp.

How do you grow subscribers on a mailing list?

To grow your email list subscribers it's helpful to provide incentives. Because getting new subscribers to your newsletter and marketing outreach can be difficult, incentivize potential subscribers using: discounts upon purchase, sweepstakes to win a prize, limited edition or exclusive access to events or product releases, and more. Add an enticing call to action to get customers excited about sharing their information and interacting with your brand.

How can I migrate contact information using Mailchimp?

The easiest way to migrate contact information to Mailchimp is using the Flowpage ‘Contact Collection’ widget. This widget is customizable with several integration options, including Mailchimp. Create a unique ‘API Key’ on Mailchimp and add it to the Mailchimp integration when you select it on the Flowpage editor. From there, you can control which lists or audiences new subscribers will automatically be added to via Mailchimp. Read this for a step-by-step guide on Mailchimp integration set-up.

Who can utilize the Mailchimp app integration?

Flowcode to Mailchimp integration is available with any of our paid plans, starting at the Pro tier and up. Learn more about our pricing on our plans page.