Flowcode QR Codes for Salesforce

Guide leads through your sales lifecycle effortlessly

Attracting new leads to your pipeline quickly is made easy with seamless and easy to use QR codes. Gain opportunities from your offline marketing channels and swiftly manage inbounds by integrating Flowcode’s customer database with Salesforce. Create workflows to automate leads, organize them throughout the sales lifecycle, and understand your audience to identify opportunities for cross selling and upselling. Available for Growth plans and above.

Key Features

Here are a few quick ways to utilize our product suite with Salesforce.
Automate engagements
Instantly create personalized engagements with new sales leads through integrating collected customer data into automated flows.
Manage sales workflows
Drive new contacts to your sales dashboard and seamlessly organize leads within your pipeline to identify opportunities for sales, cross-selling, and more.
Get to know your offline audience
Migrate Flowcode collected data to your CRM platform and segment your offline users for future campaigns.
Make every new lead a home run
Bring each lead in your pipeline to conversion with timely and relevant engagements. Flowcode delivers new inbound leads from every offline touchpoint. Automating initial outreach by migrating contacts to your sales lifecycle planner. Integrating Salesforce with Flowcode creats a seamless workflow to source, organize, and execute on new leads efficiently.
Discover your offline audience
Flowcode uniquely drives offline users to your online touchpoints with a built in contact collection tool. Integrate Flowcode customer data to Salesforce’s Customer Data Platform. Unlock understandings on customer behavior and segments to identify opportunities to capture new offline audiences.
How different industries use Flowcode with Salesforce
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Tech companies manage sales quickly and efficiently

Adding a Flowcode to any marketing collateral makes it easier than ever for new customers to discover your software and connect with a team member for consultation. Use every billboard and OOH advertisement as an opportunity to drive instant conversion by reducing the hassle for prospects. Connect a Flowpage with any Flowcode to capture customer information like names, email addresses, and phone numbers to enable a seamless consultation and onboarding process for interested prospects. Integrating with Salesforce adds another step of automation: get sales calls scheduled in seconds by integrating Flowcode with your CRM stack.

Medical sellers can gauge their audience for strategy optimization

Gathering data on new and prospective users can be difficult. Leveraging Flowcode makes capturing the offline audience possible by converting offline users to online contacts at each OOH marketing placement. Flowcodes can be placed on packaging, at clinics, and on any marketing collateral to acquire new customers for databases. Migrating Flowcode data to Salesforce’s CDP enriches this data by enabling teams to segment and organize their offline audience and gain insights, recommendations, and automations to improve future marketing outreach.

Insurance providers automate sales leads through CRM connections

Insurance sellers constantly collect new leads on the ground and through their outreach. Flowcode offers a quick way for potential buyers to enter contact information via Flowpages. Add a Flowtag on your phone or to your business card to gather contact information in seconds. Sellers can automate the sales kickoff process through integrating with their Salesforce platform. In a few minutes, a seller can acquire a new contact and send a call scheduling email without pressing a button. Automating customer acquisition from start to finish has never been easier with Flowcode’s Salesforce integration.

Why Flowcode

Key features that will push your campaigns further.
Endless New Contacts
Place your custom QR code in the world and passively collect new customers from any surface.
Team Collaboration
Your team can seamlessly work across our platform to edit and adjust integration actions.
Advanced Analytics
Gather robust first party data that unlocks insights about brand new offline customers.
FAQs For Connecting Your Flowcode To Salesforce
Questions not answered?
How can I use QR codes to drive more contacts to Salesforce?

Flowcode enables you to reach new customers by engaging with them in the offline world. Capture a new audience when you display QR codes in physical spaces like in-store, on packaging, and more. Once you design and determine the placement of your custom Flowcode, you can connect it with a Flowpage. This easy-to-use customizable landing page enables you to share any information you need with customers via links and add useful action buttons like contact collection forms. Using Flowpage’s ‘Contact Collection Form’ widget prompts anyone who scans your code to enter their contact information. Integrate collected data from your Flowpage with Salesforce for automated migration.

What data can be collected from Flowcodes?

Of the standard fields offered on the Contact Collection form, Name, Email, Phone Number, and Address can be brought into Salesforce via the integration. Name must be set as a required field in order to properly have the data flow through to Salesforce. Information will update automatically and instantly to Salesforce and populate as a New Lead.

How do I setup the Salesforce integration? Do I have to integrate every code or page?

Once you integrate your Flowcode account with Salesforce, data will be automatically migrated from all Flowcodes and Flowpages if you select the Salesforce integration widget on the ‘Contact Collection’ form for each new Flowcode you generate. Additionally, if there are multiple Flowpages passing data to Salesforce from your account, you will be able to see the Flowpage name (i.e. slug name) within the Description field for the Leads.

Who can utilize our Salesforce integration?

Flowcode to Salesforce enablement is available with Enterprise plan. Head to our plans page to learn more about our pricing.