Flowcode QR Codes for Zapier

Automatically engage consumers across channels

Flowcode lets you collect consumer contact information in seconds via Flowpage. Streamline your workflow by automatically migrating these contacts to any of Zapier’s 1,500 compatible apps. Act on new leads and prospective consumers by instantly scheduling calls, automating email follow-ups, and retargeting online ads when you integrate Zapier with our stack. Available with Pro+ and Enterprise plans.

Key Features

Here are a few quick ways to utilize our product suite with Zapier.
Automate instant engagements
Actively engage with every new lead as it enters your pipeline. Build ‘trigger events’ to ping team members, automate call scheduling, or send personalized enrollment messages to clients.
Create high-converting ads
Re-engage interested consumers across advertising platforms through migrating Flowcode data to create custom audiences on your preferred ad platform.
Personalize email marketing
Seamlessly add new offline subscribers to your mailing list and create personalized messaging for audiences to drive maximum conversion.
Automate with any platform
Flowcode's Zapier integration list buils a bridge between our platform and any workflow you want. Redirect Flowcode captured data to any external database or or automated workflow. Customers simply scan a Flowcode, enter contact information on a Flowpage, and are added to your database. Connect a Zapier workflow to automatically send emails to warm leads or notify your team with an upcoming opportunity.
Discover your offline audience
Flowcode uniquely drives offline users to your online touchpoints with a built in contact collection tool. Integrate Flowcode customer data to Salesforce’s Customer Data Platform. Unlock understandings on customer behavior and segments to identify opportunities to capture new offline audiences.
How different industries use Flowcode with Zapier
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Retail sellers maximize omnichannel engagements with automation

Flowcode enables sellers to capture high-value new and existing customers through tracking their engagement from the offline world. Connecting Flowcodes with Flowpages allows you to gather customer contact collection that can then be migrated to use at every online touchpoint. Add these audiences to mailing lists, SMS marketing channels, and even migrate contacts to Custom Audiences on Google, Facebook, and other social media platforms offering ad targeting. Using Flowcode’s Zapier CRM integration enables this process completely hands-free – taking consumers from a single offline touchpoint to engagements across online touchpoints.

Health and wellness companies drive retention through sweepstakes

Capture more customers for your retargeting pipeline by placing scan to sweepstakes codes in stores and other locations to drive contact information. Host deals on Flowpages and configure our Zapier app integration to automate the migration of collected contacts to trigger events like emails or SMS marketing to all enrolled customers across various touchpoints.

Small businesses can drive conversions affordably

Business owners can save on expensive paid browser and social media ads through leveraging direct messaging to consumers. Attract high value customers with QR codes on packaging and other marketing materials that offer referral rewards, discounts, and limited edition offers for your product or service. Connect Flowcode data about your offline users with Zapier CRM integration to automatically engage with customers in a personalized way. Add an entirely new category of offline buyers to your automated SMS or email marketing.

Why Flowcode

Key features that will push your campaigns further.
Endless New Contacts
Place your custom QR code in the world and passively collect new customers from any surface.
Team Collaboration
Your team can seamlessly work across our platform to edit and adjust integration actions.
Advanced Analytics
Gather robust first party data that unlocks insights about brand new offline customers.
FAQ For Connecting Your Flowcode To Zapier
Questions not answered?
How can I migrate contact information using Zapier?

The easiest way to migrate contact information with Zapier is using a Flowpage. Start with creating a Zapier workflow by selecting: ‘Create Zap’, then ‘Webhooks by Zapier’, ‘Catch Hook’, and copy the unique Zap URL. From Flowcode, enter your Flowpage editor and add a ‘Contact Collection’ widget to your page. From there, you can select the Zapier integration and insert your ‘Custom Webhook URL’.

Which platforms can I integrate my Flowcode data with using Zapier?

Zapier enables you to integrate your Flowcode workflow with virtually any app or event, offering over 1,500 integrations. Adding Zaps to your workflow seamlessly automates the data migration process and any necessary marketing and sales follow-up actions your team needs. This includes G Suite, Twilio, Slack, and hundreds of others.

Who can utilize Zapier integrations?

Our Zapier app integration is available starting at our Pro+ plan to give your team the ultimate flexibility with sharing, storing, and acting on Flowcode collected data. All integrations are available for enterprise users, Zapier included. Learn more about our pricing on our plans page..