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From social profiles and payment apps to product pages and videos, Flowpage is the one stop shop for your digital universe.
Flowpage mobile landing pages

Powering top brands

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Your audience scans your Flowcode
  • Best in class custom design
  • Ultra-fast scanning
  • Dynamic redirect destination
  • Privacy compliance assured
They are directed to your Flowpage
  • Mobile-first easy navigation
  • Organize all your links
  • Enables first party data capture
  • Customize with unique designs
Data & Analytics
You get proprietary data and audience insights
  • Daily connection count
  • Conversions and actions
  • Connections by device type
  • Enables first party data capture

Integrate with your tech stack

Whether you're selling products online or collecting CRM, Flowpage can easily help you meet your business goals and streamline connections.

Explore Key features

Make it your own

Customize your page with colors and styles to match your brand's style.

Dozens of link types

Engage with your audience using our library of link types and feature rich widgets. Collect emails, conduct polls, promote your favorite items, and more.

Visitor analytics

Get actionable insights into visitor behavior on your site, and how your page is performing

Embed custom content

Embed videos, Spotify music/playlists, Twitch streams, and more directly on your page.

Frequently asked questions
Questions not answered?
What is a mobile landing page?

Mobile-landing pages are web pages designed for users that are viewing on phones. Flowpage is an example of a mobile landing page because it is optimized and easy to view on a mobile device.Is it free to make a Flowpage?

Is it free to make a Flowpage?

Yes! It's completely free to make a Flowpage. Sign up for a Flowcode account to make yours.

What is a QR code landing page?

QR code landing pages are destinations users land on after they have scanned a QR code. For example, if I scan an advertisement with a QR code on the train, I will be taken to a digital page online with information about the advertisement.

How do I create a QR code for a landing page?

You can create a free QR code in less than 60 seconds with Flowcode’s dynamic QR code generator. Once generated, you can add a URL to your code and direct all scanners to the landing page of your choice.