Custom QR Code Solution for Frintz Customers

Flowcode for Frintz

Frintz and Flowcode have partnered to enable Frintz customers to utilize the top performing QR code for their Frintz campaign. Frintz customers can take advantage of Flowcode’s never expiring codes and access a 30 day free trial for advanced features!

Maintain your brand standards with ease
Drive 10x higher engagement rates
Analyze recipient interaction performance

Explore Use Cases

Collect CRM at scale

By scanning a QR code, audiences are easily directed to sign-up forms, social profiles, or even pre-filled text messages to register for campaigns. Direct mail can be a powerful driver of CRM when QR codes are applied.

Drive audiences directly to product listings

No more typing in websites or calling phone numbers. QR codes are a ubiquitous, effortless way to bring people to your online store so they can buy your products.

Measure the effectiveness of regional campaigns

With traditional mailers, tracking the effectiveness of campaigns is difficult. However, when someone scans a QR, they are brought online so it’s easy to track the effectiveness of your campaigns using Flowcode’s analytics.

Design & Print Resources

Learn best practices to create high quality and engaging creative for your Frintz campaign.

Data & Privacy

  • Consumer Privacy: Meets Delta privacy standards and certified credentials (CCPA, GDPR & SOC-2 compliance)
  • Legal Protection: All Flowcodes are indemnified and protecting Delta from any legal risk
  • Protected Team Collaboration: SSO-protected enterprise platform to safely store customer data for all of Delta
Frequently asked questions
Questions not answered?
How do I get access to Flowcode?

Access will be available by following this link. You will be able to design, create, and download your Flowcode for your Frintz campaign.

Can I just create QR codes the same way I always have?

As of Jan 2024, Frintz customers get access to the Flowcode platform for their campaign.

Should we use this for all QR codes?

Once you create your Flowcode for your Frintz campaign, you’ll realize you can start using Flowcodes in other areas of your business. It’s easy – and one place to track your QR data!

Will we get reporting on the code use?

Yes! Reporting will be enabled, and users will be able to understand:
1. Number of scans for the QR code
2. Day of Week/Hour when scanned
3. Where were the scans (geo-location)
4. Device type scan (Apple, Android)

Is there training required to use Flowcode?

No! Checkout these Best Practices on how to create and manage codes, analyze reporting data and manage user permissions within the system.

What if I have an existing contract or vendor for QR Codes?

No worries! We’d encourage you to test out Flowcode for your Frintz campaign to see the design, data, and privacy differences first-hand.

After getting my Flowcode, what do I do?

Once create and download your Flowcode, add your Flowcode into your campaign creative. Be sure to utilize best practices (size of code, call to action, and placement location help increase scans)!

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