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GS1 Digital Link
2D Barcodes

By 2027, regulators will switch 1D product barcodes to GS1-compliant 2D barcodes. Partner with Flowcode, your premium platform for transitioning to '2-in-1' codes.

Scans at POS register and with smartphone cameras
Control and measure your consumer's experience
Include mandatory product information with ease

Understanding GS1 Sunrise 2027

By 2027, GS1 standards will revolutionize retail scanning by mandating 2D barcodes and impacting everything from supply chain management to checkout processes. These QR codes will also direct consumers to specific destinations, optimizing the space on product packaging with multiple scan compliance.

Data & Privacy

  • CCPA, GDPR & SOC-2 Type 1 compliant
  • SSO-enabled platform to safely store customer data
  • Privacy policy accessible throughout the consumer journey

Maximize the potential of your primary marketing asset — your products.

Stay ahead of the compliance curve with versatile codes

Enjoy the flexibility and scalability to adapt to evolving industry standards with context-specific QR codes that are compatible with both POS scanners and consumers' smartphone cameras. This innovation reduces streamlines the space on your packaging, allowing the same QR code to be used for supply chain management, checkout processes, and directing consumers to targeted destinations.

Enhance customer satisfaction and engagement

Flowpage product pages and Flowcode scan destinations transform customer interactions with your brand. These platforms serve as comprehensive hubs, providing essential product details, digital content, and purchasing information in one convenient location. They also captivate your audience with exclusive content, promotions, and interactive experiences, deepening connections and boosting brand loyalty.

Elevate your transition with an enterprise-grade solution

Discover the robust suite of features Flowcode offers for GS1 compliance, designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing systems and workflows. Our solution provides the ability to create barcodes and landing pages in bulk, with the ability to edit scan destinations at any time. Enhance your insights with geolocation tracking data and integrations.

Frequently asked questions
Questions not answered?
What is a GTIN?

A Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) is a numeric identifier that uniquely distinguishes products across the global marketplace. Assigned by GS1, these numbers are essential tools in the supply chain, helping companies to efficiently stock, track, and sell goods in international markets.

What is a GS1 Digital Link?

A GS1 Digital Link extends the functionality of traditional barcodes by embedding a web-enabled URL that links directly to detailed product information online. This innovative digital tool streamlines access to everything from nutritional data to manufacturing details, all encoded within a scannable barcode that supports richer consumer engagement and enhanced business operations.

How does Flowcode route the GS1 Digital Link?

Upon scanning at the point of sale, the system identifies the GTIN URL from the QR code and pulls the essential data. Similarly, when a traditional QR reader scans the code, it processes the URL like a conventional web link, routing requests through Flowcode for navigation. Flowcode interprets the GS1-formatted URL, applying settings such as geographical location, language, date, and device type to modify the outcome dynamically based on predefined configurations. This setup allows a singular QR code to deliver various results depending on the context of its scan.

Does the Point of Sale system need to connect with Flowcode to process the GTIN?

No, the POS system functions independently from Flowcode, and it does not send data to Flowcode during typical checkout procedures.

Can I use my website domain name with Flowcode?

Yes, integrating a distinct subdomain of your primary business domain with Flowcode is possible and recommended. This strategy enhances brand visibility while providing comprehensive control over the navigation and user experience through Flowcode.

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