Custom QR Code Solution for The Walt Disney Company

Flowcode for Disney Brands

The Walt Disney Company is leveraging QR technology to continue its century-old tradition of redefining consumer experiences. Add digital touch points to every offline experience to boost engagement and measure attribution.

Drive 10x higher engagement rates
Convert contact information from 70% of your audience
1:1 customer relationships
and attribution

Data & Privacy

  • CCPA, GDPR & SOC-2 Type 1 compliant
  • SSO-enabled platform to safely store customer data
  • Privacy policy accessible prior to scanning with white-labeled TWDC redirects and policies

Transform IRL Moments with Tech

Supercharge your retail efforts

Sell products from both inside and outside the store, and track how many scanners click through and actually make a purchase.

Bridge the offline and online

Enhance IRL experiences across Disney properties, streamline access to critical guest information, and track system wide engagement in real-time from a single dashboard.

Who’s watching? Flowcode can tell you

ESPN collected 32,000 emails in 1 day by leveraging Flowcodes on their college gameday broadcast. That’s it - that’s the tweet.

Resources For Getting Started

Connect to Call, Text, And Email
Flowcode's Printing Guide
QR Code Scan to PDF
How To Share PDFs With QR Codes
Social Media Management for Realtors using QR
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Frequently asked questions
Questions not answered?
How can QR be used across Disney's portfolio of brands?

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What sort of data can I collect on my potential clients?

Flowcode allows you to collect the date/time, device type, and location of your scanners in real-time. Pixels, UTMs, and other digital tracking technologies can be used in tandem with our codes to bring tracking and retargeting continuity across platforms such as Facebook and Google Analytics.

What are Flowcode’s privacy policies?

Flowcode takes privacy seriously. When you scan a Flowcode, there is no question where that code was generated. All of our codes include the text “” or our company name, “Flowcode”, which should be considered a badge of safety. While other QR code platforms may not have privacy information on their codes, this can be considered a security risk. Because of phishing attempts and QR code scams on the rise, it’s important to work with companies like Flowcode who ensure every code you scan is a safe one.

What software integrations are offered by Flowcode?

If you’re searching for a QR code platform to integrate with tools you already use, Flowcode is the best tool for your business. From Klavyio and Mailchimp to Salesforce and Okta, some of the biggest CRM tools, ESPs, and business management solutions integrate with Flowcode.

I have a question about the plan I’m on — who should I contact?

With any questions about your plan, tech support, or onboarding, please email [email protected] and our team will be in touch. If you need quick help on how to build and manage your Flowcodes, please head to

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