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Flowcode QR codes that you create can always be scanned.
Data cap
Your Flowcode QR codes can be scanned forever. However, you can only access scan data up to the cap provided in your plan. Upgrade for higher caps.
Text around rim, uploading logos, more colors
Get access to full HEX colors, add text to your Flowcodes, and upload your logo.
Real time data
Your analytics dashboard will update with data the moment  a scan occurs.
Facebook pixel integration
Embed your Facebook pixel to track Flowpage activity in your Facebook Ads account.
Filtering functionality
Want to see it all? View historical data for your Flowcodes and Flowpages past 90 days.
Analytics (device, day of week, time of day, date)
Download data (CSV, PDF)
Organization reporting
Analytics API
Pipe your data from Flowcode into your own analytics platform.
Geo-location tracking
Accurately measure offline engagement. View demographic information from your scans, right down to the street level.
Raw event data reports
Flowcode Pixel
Custom reporting
Our embedded CRM is an easy way to collect contact information from your page visitors.
Embedded CRM
Our embedded CRM is an easy way to collect contact information from your page visitors.
Mailchimp integration
CRM terms and conditions
Set up custom form fields for and link to your brand's Terms and Conditions with the Flowpage CRM collection form
Extra colors, fonts, and shades
Access more customization tools to match your brand.
Contact collection: 2 custom input fields
Google fonts integration
Customize your Flowpage with custom colors and 1000+ font options powered by Google Fonts.
Advanced page customization
Flowpage banner button removal
Link-level customization
Fully customize the content on your Flowpages with link-level styling, specifically, you can customize the link color, font color, text size, and the link border/shadow color for your Flowpages.
Zapier integration
 Zapier is an online automation tool that connects your apps and services. Flowpage has webhook triggers for connecting CRM data that you collect to other apps via Zapier.
Dynamic app store links
Add in the links for your app in the Google Play and App Store and Flowpage can dynamically lead your visitors to the right store based on their device type.
Salesforce integration
Connect your offline lead-generation with Salesforce.
Klaviyo integration
Connect CRM data that you collect with Flowpage directly to your Klaviyo account.
Hubspot integration
Connect CRM data that you collect with Flowpage directly to your Hubspot instance.
Creative Services
PNG, JPG, SVG, EPS formats
Download your files in a variety of different image formats.
Artist-designed codes
Let our in-house artists design you a Flowcode QR code that will stand out.
Bulk Creation and Editing
Bulk code creation
With a CSV file you can instantly create hundreds of codes.
Bulk code creation API
With the Flowcode API easily create thousands of codes with your specifications.
API Scaled Creation
Developer portal access
Integrate Flowcode creation into your workflow or application.
Flowcode endpoints
Customize, create, generate images, and list Flowcodes associated with your account through the API.
Analytics endpoints
Capture Flowcode events, Flowpage events, data summaries, and form responses directly into your database using the API.
Bulk endpoints
Efficiently create and update multiple Flowcodes through the API.
Smart Rules
Change destination by device type
Redirect Apple and Android users to locations relevant to their device.
Change destination by time of day
When the clock strikes 3pm, do you want to automatically redirect users to a different destination? You can.
Change destination by day of week
Platform seats
Collaborate with your team and share privileges with ease.
Team management
Use our admin tool to add and remove users from your organization as you collaborate on Flowcode.
Organization admin privileges
Asset Management
Nested folders
Easily create subfolders within folders to better mange your assets and campaigns.
Shared folders
White Label
Remove "Flowcode" text from Flowpage
Remove "Flowcode" text from QR code
The refers to the "Flowcode" text on your code.
Custom URL for scan destination redirect
The redirect text can be customized to match your brand or business.
Create a custom domain for your Flowpage
Create your own branded URL ( rather than use Flowcode’s default URL ( This feature is intended to provide a more customized branded experience to your end users.
Video animation templates
Take your creative to the next level with templates optimized for engagement.
Video creative services
Email support
Have a question? Our support team is available via email for all creators.
Managed service
White glove. Our in-house team will work with you to maximize your campaigns and usage.
Privacy and Security
GDPR compliant
The GDPR protects any individual located inside the EU by enforcing consent for collecting personal data.
CCPA compliant
CCPA protects California residents by  enabling users to opt out of personal information collection practices.
SOC2 compliant
With SOC2 compliance, all of your data is protected and confidential. Get peace of mind for privacy and information security.
CCPA protects California residents by  enabling users to opt out of personal information collection practices.
SSO integrations
Effortlessly streamline user access with our SSO integrations, allowing your team to conveniently log in and access all features using a single set of credentials.
Custom contract negotiation and redlines.
Flowcode Firewall
Bot traffic filtering and protection
Bot traffic can impact the accuracy of your analytics reporting. To fight bots, we use a combination of proprietary tactics to filter out non-human traffic.
Data privacy and protection
Our content guidelines protect all customers against illegal content, impersonating brands or individuals, hate speech/harassment, spam, and fraud.
Malicious content removal and protection
Newly created Flowcodes and Flowpages are sent through machine learning models to calculate whether or not the content violates our guidelines. If the probability is high, the content is deleted.

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