Flowcode Pro

For creators in need of more customization features

From custom artist-designed codes to enhanced conversion tools, Flowcode Pro is the go-to plan for small businesses and individuals that want to make an impact in the offline world.

More features are waiting for you

Unlimited scans
Your Flowcode QR codes have no scan limits and never expire.
Advanced analytics
Analytics for scans by date, day of week, time, and device type.
Pro members can create 5 Flowpages, which are our customizable link-sharing pages.
Artist-designed code
Our team of in-house designers will create you a unique custom QR code.
Bulk code creation
Save time and create up to 50 Flowcodes at once, all with different scan destinations.
Smart rules
Your codes can automatically change to scan to different places based on time, day and device type.

Why thousands of businesses choose Flowcode

Privacy compliant

Flowcode is GDPR, CCPA privacy compliant. That means your customers can trust their data is protected.

Smart rules

You can set one Flowcode to scan to different destinations based on the time of day, the day of the week, or by the device type of the scanner.

Update anytime

All Flowcode QR codes are dynamic, so you can update the scan destination anytime and anywhere. That means no more re-printing!

Realtime data

With Flowcode, you get real-time engagement data that you own. Download reports, view charts, and learn about your audience.

Frequently asked questions
Questions not answered?
What is the benefit of a Flowcode Pro plan?

Flowcode Pro offers creators and businesses more customization features, enhanced analytics, the ability to create Flowcodes in bulk, an in-house designed code to match your brand, and so much more.

Do I get more customization with a Pro plan?

Yes! Flowcode Pro means access to more tools to bring your code to life like custom calls to actions, hex colors, fonts, and a code designed by our team of in-house designers. But that’s not all, you also get access to stronger analytics and the ability to create more codes and Flowpages at scale.

Are QR codes secure?

Thousands of companies and individuals rely on Flowcode. Regardless of your business’s needs, there is a plan that will help you scale. Our Pro plan is more suited for smaller individuals and influencers that are getting started with QR and want more customization features. Our Pro+ plan typically attracts small to medium sized businesses that want more conversion tools and features. Finally, the Enterprise plan lends itself to mid-market to Fortune 500 companies.Not all QR codes are secure. If you’re looking for the safest option, Flowcode is the answer for you. Not only does Flowcode have the most privacy compliant code on the market, it also has machine learning tools to limit phishing and scam attempts from bad actors. This means anyone who scans the Flowcode you create is going to be safe.