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Unlocks customization

Thousands of brands and creators trust Flowcode Pro for access to create more QR codes and customization features.
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"Flowcode Pro allows us to put QR codes on all print, digital, and large format signage. We can keep information at our clients' fingertips in a sustainable and future-proof way."
Matt Laircy
Founder of Laricy Real Estate

More features with flowcode pro

Create more QR codes
Make up to 10 Flowcode QR codes with a Pro plan.
Text on your QR codes
Add custom text to the center and the outside of your code.
CRM integrations
Connect CRM tools like Zapier and Mailchimp to your Flowpages.
Unlock Smart Rules
Flowcodes can scan to multiple places depending on the time, day, and device.
HEX colors
Choose any color in the world for your Flowcode and Flowpage.
White label designs
Remove the Flowcode logo from your QR codes to keep the focuc on your brand.

Access powerful data insights

With Flowcode Pro you get access to detailed information about what devices are scanning your codes, the day of week, and time of day. See the lifetime data of how your codes are performing and optimize your campaigns based on the robust insights provided.

QR codes for business
"What I love about Flowcode is the ease of adoption. It fits seamlessly into my day-to-day and has simplified processes such as booking appointments, tipping, and leaving reviews.
Elizabeth Manessis
CEO & Founder of Zeta Aesthetics NYC
Reasons why you need Flowcode Pro
If you are on a basic Flowcode plan or using another QR code solution, here are the main reasons you should upgrade to Flowcode Pro.
Create more Flowcode QR codes

With Flowcode Pro you can produce up to 10 Flowcodes QR codes. Whether you need more codes for your direct mail campaign or product packaging, every code can be tracked with powerful analytics.

Access more customization features

From HEX colors to custom calls-to-action, Flowcode QR codes that are customized are 14% more likely to be scanned. Make your codes pop and stand out from the rest of the pack with Flowcode Pro.

Unlock Smart Rules

What are "Smart Rules"? Depending on the time of day, day of week, or device type, send people who scan your code to different destinations based on rules you create for your Flowcode QR code.

The leading privacy-compliant QR solution on the market

As the leading U.S. based QR platform that hosts our data locally, we care deeply about your privacy, security and data.

Every Flowcode contains a privacy policy URL to ensure compliance with CCPA/CPRA "notice at collection requirement. Security for customer's data is guaranteed with SOC2 Type 2 certification.

Frequently asked questions
Questions not answered?
What is the benefit of a Flowcode Pro plan?

Flowcode Pro offers creators and businesses more customization features, enhanced analytics, the ability to create Flowcodes in bulk, an in-house designed code to match your brand, and so much more.

Do I get more customization with a Pro plan?

Yes! Flowcode Pro means access to more tools to bring your code to life like custom calls to actions, hex colors, fonts, and a code designed by our team of in-house designers. But that’s not all, you also get access to stronger analytics and the ability to create more codes and Flowpages at scale.

Are QR codes secure?

Thousands of companies and individuals rely on Flowcode. Regardless of your business’s needs, there is a plan that will help you scale. Our Pro plan is more suited for smaller individuals and influencers that are getting started with QR and want more customization features. Our Pro Plus plan typically attracts small to medium sized businesses that want more conversion tools and features. Finally, the Enterprise plan lends itself to mid-market to Fortune 500 companies.Not all QR codes are secure. If you’re looking for the safest option, Flowcode is the answer for you. Not only does Flowcode have the most privacy compliant code on the market, it also has machine learning tools to limit phishing and scam attempts from bad actors. This means anyone who scans the Flowcode you create is going to be safe.