Flowcode Pro+

For businesses in need of enhanced conversion tools

Get access to more features now. Whether it's our NEW Flowteams feature with four seats to collaborate with your organization or powerful CRM integrations, Pro+ is the go-to plan for businesses that need to streamline their operations and get insights from the offline world.

Thousands of businesses use Flowcode Pro+ to scale their offline conversions

Scale your business with these features

Unlimited scans
Your Flowcode QR codes have no scan limits and never expire.
Advanced analytics
Analytics for scans by date, day of week, time, and device type. Download your data with Pro+.
Collaborate with Flowteams
Get four seats to collaborate with your team and manage your codes and pages.
Pro+ members can create 50 Flowpages, which are our customizable link-sharing pages.
Stay on brand
Remove Flowcode white labeling from your Flowcodes and Flowpages.
Dynamic app store buttons
Send iPhone and Android visitors directly to your app's page on their native app store with Pro+.
Bulk code creation
Save time and create up to 1000 Flowcodes at once, all with different scan destinations.
CRM integrations
Utilize integrations like Zapier and Mailchimp to effectively manage and automate your CRM.
Smart rules
Your codes can automatically change to scan to different places based on time, day and device type.

Collaborate with your team

View and share Flowcodes and Flowpages with four team members. Give permissions to duplicate assets, organize content, view analytics, and change scan destinations.

Get an artist designed Flowcode with Pro+

Have our in-house designers create an eye-grabbing, custom Flowcode for you using your logo, colors, and style. We optimize designs for engagement, without distracting from your message.

Powerful analytics

Access real-time data to see what and when your audience is scanning your Flowcodes, and download powerful analytics.

Why thousands of businesses choose Flowcode

Privacy compliant

Flowcode is GDPR, CCPA privacy compliant. That means your customers can trust their data is protected.

Smart rules

You can set one Flowcode to scan to different destinations based on the time of day, the day of the week, or by the device type of the scanner.

Update anytime

All Flowcode QR codes are dynamic, so you can update the scan destination anytime and anywhere. That means no more re-printing!

Realtime data

With Flowcode, you get real-time engagement data that you own. Download reports, view charts, and learn about your audience.

Frequently asked questions
Questions not answered?
What do I get with a Pro Plus plan with Flowcode?

If you’re thinking about upgrading from a Pro plan to a Pro Plus plan, you would be making the jump in order to get access to enhanced customization features. Pro Plus creators get access to powerful CRM integrations, access to white labeling, team management, and so much more.

Why is Pro Plus better for bigger teams?

With Flowcode Pro Plus you get access to Flowteams, which gives you four seats for your team to manage your account. Organize all of your codes and pages in folders, assign role types for your team, and transfer code ownership with ease.

What does “white labeling” mean? Why would I want that?

White labeling allows you to put your brand front and center. With this feature you get access to update the URL redirect link that pops up when someone scans a code to your own domain, and the ability to remove Flowcode branding from your codes and Flowpages.