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QR Codes for E-Commerce

E-commerce is booming and projected to continue to grow with each passing year, but 83% of commerce is still offline. E-commerce businesses can use QR codes to target real-world customers and instantly send them to digital destinations.

Attract Offline Customers

Optimize Engagement

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QR codes instantly connect customers to e-commerce experiences and provide actionable data along the way. E-commerce businesses can integrate Flowcode into their marketing and growth strategies to boost traffic and increase sales.

Reduce Marketing Costs with QR Analytics

Learn who your audience is and get more orders!

Use Cases

There are tons of ways e-commerce businesses can leverage Flowcodes to optimize engagement and enhance marketing.

Best Practices

Learn more about how any e-commerce company can use Flowcode's next-gen QR codes.


What is a QR code?


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