QR Codes for Phone Calls and SMS

Use QR codes to instantly call or text someone

Instant connections are one scan away. When you make your code, make sure you follow these best practice.
SMS and calls
Get more calls
10-digit phone numbers mean 10 more actions audiences have to take before they can call you. They may even type in the wrong number. Eliminate steps and wrong numbers by using a QR code.
Get more calls
Build message templates for instant sends
"Text SIGN UP to 1111" — we’ve all seen a variation of this. This takes effort, and effort is the death of advertising. But what if people could type nothing at all? By scanning a QR, audiences can have a text message load and auto-populate, resulting in more sign-ups to your SMS campaign.
Build message templates for instant sends
Different destinations by the time of day
Depending on the time of day, it may be better for you to receive a call or an SMS. Flowcode’s Smart Rules allow you to send scanners to either a phone call or text message based on rules you set by the time of day.
Different destinations by the time of day

Best practices for calling or texting with QR codes

Instant connections are one scan away. When you make your code, make sure you follow these best practice.
Use dynamic codes
Dynamic codes means you can change the destination of your code at any time. Change the destination based on time of day, day of week, and device.
Design your QR code
Flowcode’s team of designers craft QR codes that are attractive and informative. Imagine a QR code that looks like a phone or SMS bubble. We can make it for you.
Clear calls to action
CTAs like “call now” clearly tell the audience what they should do next. Use a clear CTA to get more conversions.
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Expedite your message and call based services in seconds
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Automate SMS enrollment

In today's world, nobody likes to spend time on time consuming tasks that could be automated. Average ‘text to subscribe’ models are a pain for consumers and hurt your growth potential. Asking people to engage in this extra step leaves significant room for error. What if a potential customer is in a hurry, driving by your advertisement in a car, or types a wrong digit? 'Text to subscribe' is by no means foolproof. Using a QR code to SMS tool like Flowcode enables you to leapfrog the messy onboarding process and get customers into your database instantly. Supercharge your SMS marketing for rewards when you add a SMS QR code to your product packaging, billboards, and other OOH advertisements. Whether you’re a retail seller, a real estate agent, or sales representative, get customers into your funnel in seconds when you leverage an SMS QR code generator like Flowcode. Save your customers the time and yourself the missed potential when you integrate QR codes with SMS.

Drive inbound call leads

Inbound leads are a gold mine for several industries and are an amazing lever to get your customer into your funnel and connect with you or your team instantly. Phone sharing for leads works well for service providers like legal professionals, locksmiths, plumbers, electricians, and so many more. But today, typing a phone number takes just as long as a Google search. What if when a customer sees your ad, instead of calling your number they decide to search for alternative providers online? Getting customers on your line as fast as possible by eliminating unnecessary steps overcomes this risk. You can do this by connecting a QR code to a phone number – potential leads simply need to scan and are ready to dial your line in a matter of seconds. Automating the connection process for your potential customers drives acquisition and highlights your efficiency from the first impression. Skip out on the outdated model of placing a phone number on your marketing collateral and opt for a QR code phone number integration instead. Create a QR code phone number with Flowcode and watch your inbound calls pour in.

Receive and manage inquiries on your terms

Your preferred method of contact from customers may depend on the time of day and situation. If you regularly have on-call service agents like building management (plumbers, mechanics, IT) during the day having a QR code phone number for call makes sense. However, you may prefer to have inbound after-hours requests submitted via SMS in order to avoid disruption and be able to appropriately organize your requests. Simply create a dynamic Flowcode QR code with smart rules: from 9-5 enable a QR code to phone number to auto-populate for residents, then from 5-9 switch the destination to a pre-filled QR code to SMS inquiry form. Regulating your inbound requests this way enables you to seamlessly manage several requests without having to deal with after-hours calls all through the night. This service works perfectly for emergency contacts, security, healthcare providers, emergency response personnel and anyone else dealing with time-sensitive requests or different hours. Configure your QR code phone number to the appropriate response representative depending on their working hours to ensure that no client is left without the urgent support they need. Make it painless to manage how requests reach you and your team depending on urgency and time of day to streamline your workflow to best serve your patients, residents, or clients.

Key features you get with Flowcode

Features and analytics to help you get more downloads.
Unlimited Scans
Your Flowcode QR codes have no scan limits and never expire.
Create a Custom Code
From colors to logos, create a code built for your brand.
Advanced Analytics
Gather robust first party data that unlocks insights about brand new offline customers.
FAQs for calling and texting with QR codes
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How do SMS QR codes work?

Almost every modern smartphone is capable of scanning QR codes. When a smartphone user scans a code linked to SMS instructions, an SMS message will populate with the specified text and number. This can occur even without internet access. Certain code generators, like Flowcode (if you choose their Pro plan), also allow the use of “smart rules” that can alter the linked instructions depending on when and where they’re scanned as well as what device is used to scan them.

Can you send someone a QR code?

QR codes can be saved in formats like jpg or png and sent via text or email. As long as the quality of the image is maintained, the receiver should be able to properly scan it. Of course you can also print out codes and place them on objects or even send them through the mail.

Can QR codes link to SMS messages?

An SMS address can be embedded in a QR code. A pre-populated message can even be embedded within a code so a smartphone user can simply scan the code and hit send. This can be a good way to initiate customer service interactions or gather feedback about different products or services.

Can QR codes be used to make phone calls?

QR codes can be linked to phone numbers. A person can then use their smart device to scan the code and, depending on the embedded instructions, can have the number added to their contacts or input straight to their keypad to make calling as simple as possible.

How do I turn a phone number into a QR code?

The first step towards creating a QR code for a phone number is choosing a QR code generator. Most generators will have straightforward instructions on how you can input a phone number to generate a code and set instructions for whether scanning the code will add it to a smartphone user’s contacts or open up their phone app to make a call. Different generators will offer different plans at different prices, so you’ll need to do your research to determine which best meets your needs. For example, Flowcode’s free basic plan offers a code with unlimited scans, but you may need to pay for a higher tier if you need multiple codes for different numbers simultaneously.

How much does it cost to create QR codes for phone numbers and SMS?

The cost to create QR codes will vary depending on what generator and plan you choose. Many generators, like Flowcode, offer basic options that provide at least one code for free. Flowcode’s codes are dynamic, so you can change the number or instructions associated with a code without needing to create a new one. However you’ll need to choose a paid tier if you’re looking to deploy multiple codes simultaneously or want to take advantage of “smart rules” that allow you to alter the embedded instructions depending on when, where, and with what device the code is scanned.