QR Codes for Sharing Photos

Use QR codes to share photos instantly

QR codes can bring people to your online photos. Follow these best practices to get them there with ease.
Sharing photos
Promote events with ease
RSVPing and purchasing tickets to events is easy with QR. Place codes on posters, flyers, marquees, and more. In a flash, scanners will be connected to a digital destination of your choice.
Promote events with ease
Limitless media possibilities
QR codes can send scanners to photo content of your choosing. This includes PDFs, PNGs, or galleries, adding one more layer to any media.
Limitless media possibilities
Bring offline audiences into the cloud
Any URL is on limits — so get sharing all of those albums hosted on Google Drive, Apple photos, or any other online destination.
Bring offline audiences into the cloud

Best practices for sharing photos with QR codes

QR codes can bring people to your online photos. Follow these best practices to get them there with ease.
Clear calls to action
A strong CTA is the most powerful accompaniment to a QR code.CTAs make sure your audience knows what to do next.
Switch destinations with ease
Dynamic codes mean you never need to print your code again. Flowcode allows you to change the destination of your QR code whenever you want.
Create a gallery with Flowpage
Flowpage is a mobile-friendly landing page where you can host links to a myriad of destinations. Share multiple galleries so people can dive deep into your brand.
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Tips for making media sharing easier than ever
Ready to get started?
Share files in seconds

Sharing files can always be a hassle. Whether you're distributing onboarding materials, legal documents, or staging photos, scanning a QR code to photo albums allows you to share media of any format. Flowcode enables you to share PDFs, PNGs, JPEGs, and entire albums with just one scan. QR codes for photo albums can be used by virtually anyone who needs to share high resolution files quickly and efficiently. Have users scan to a gallery of styled product images, virtually staged rooms at an open house, or to distributed important files to your team members during meetings or in office settings. Scanning to share eliminates the need to exchange contact information and overcomes any technical difficulties that are a waste of anyone's time. Streamline all your sharing processes and get creative with how you can share media by using Flowcode.

Simplify cloud-based sharing for groups

Getting everyone on the same page when it comes to photo sharing can be a hassle. Invitations to shared albums sometimes lag or fail, or users unfamiliar with the technology have a hard time getting on board. Skip the mess of coordinating large group albums on Apple Photos, Google Drive, DropBox and more when you have everyone scan a QR code to a photo album. This is perfect for company events, weddings, group retreats and more! Anytime you have a large group and want to get all photos aggregated and stored in one cloud-based destination, simplify the process by configuring a QR code for photo sharing where anyone can access and add to the stream with ease. Better yet, create several albums for different groups and occasions based on your needs. Using Flowcode to scan to photos gives you limitless customization when you configure photo sharing on an intuitive Flowpage.

Upgrade event photo download and print streams

Dealing with several customers and long lines can always be a headache. Skip inefficient photo sharing and printing when you streamline your process through leveraging technology. If you're a photo vendor at events, amusement parks, print store or any other photo-based service, level up your process with digitized processes. Enable anyone to scan and select photos for download, purchase, or print in seconds. QR codes for photos help speed up any process in seconds; simply scan and select so users can drive their own self-guided experience. Use Flowpage to integrate with Stripe to create an auto-payment processing system seamlessly.

Key features you get with Flowcode

Features and analytics to help you get more downloads.
Unlimited Scans
Your Flowcode QR codes have no scan limits and never expire.
Create a Custom Code
From colors to logos, create a code built for your brand.
Advanced Analytics
Gather robust first party data that unlocks insights about brand new offline customers.
FAQs for sharing photos with QR codes
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Can images be put into QR codes?

If you want to create a QR code linked to an image, you’ll have to convert the image into a form that can be hosted online. That could be a jpg, png, or any number of other image files. If the images are already in a digital form, you’ll simply need to upload them to a website or cloud storage platform like Google photos. If you want to link to physical images, you’ll need to scan those images or take a picture of them with an internet connected device, though the latter option will likely lead to a downgrade in quality. Once you’ve uploaded your images to an online location you can input the link to that location into a QR code generator. Be sure that you’ve allowed proper access to the link location if you’re linking to images in private cloud storage.

Are QR codes for photo sharing free?

QR code generators offer different price plans depending on your needs. If you’re looking to share one image or one set of images, you’ll likely be able to find a generator that allows you to create a code for free. For example, Flowcode’s basic plan provides a free code with unlimited scans that you can link to an online photo gallery as well as a Flowpage you can use to host your photographs. If you’re creating codes on behalf of a business, as part of an educational project, or in another scenario where you’ll require multiple codes with different destinations you’ll likely have to choose a paid plan.

How do you use QR codes for wedding photos?

QR codes can be used to upload photographs during wedding celebrations and to share photo galleries afterwards. A code can be linked to an online gallery, printed, and placed at tables. Then guests can scan the code to upload photos they take to a shared gallery. After the wedding, emails or cards can be sent to guests with a QR code linked to a curated collection of wedding photographs.

How do I create a QR code for multiple images?

If you’re looking to create QR codes for multiple images you have a couple different options to consider. You can either create one online destination with multiple images or create multiple codes that each link to a single image. While the options you select might vary depending on your needs, the costs of creating a code will be more affordable, or even free, if you only need to create one code that can link to multiple images. If you’re looking for the most efficient way to share multiple images, whether event photos or an artistic portfolio, it likely makes sense to group all of the images in one location.

How do I create a QR code for my photo gallery?

Creating QR codes to share photographs is simple with most code generators. First you’ll need to be sure your photos are uploaded to an online location that you can link to. Next you’ll have to choose a code generator. You should do some research to determine which generator best meets your needs, but Flowcode is a great option. Once you’ve selected a generator, you’ll input a link to the online location of the photo or photos you want to share. The generator will create a code which you can include in online messages, on web sites, or print and place wherever you want it to be found.

What kind of photos can be shared with QR codes?

Any online image that you can link to can be shared via a QR code. This could include vacation pictures uploaded to cloud storage, an artistic portfolio on a website, pictures taken for a photography client, and nearly any other kind of image. QR codes provide a simple way to access photographs without having to rely on unwieldy URLs or clumsy email attachments.